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Know When To Walk Away. (Liam + Skylar)

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Killing always came easy to Skylar. The angel-child always attributed this to her upbringing in Ravencry, where she was raised to be the perfect assassin, and the years she spent taking lives. So when she eventually left the league, there was that…Continue

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✓ Bexley Dumont replied to ✓ Skylar Morgan's discussion The Past Never Stays In The Past. (Bexley + Skylar)
"Bexley had spent so much of her life just stating facts and having people hate her for the way she was. So when Skyler admitted that she actually was grateful for the way that Bex had shaped the young hardened child. It caused her brow to quirk in…"
Jan 7, 2022

✓ Skylar Morgan replied to ✓ Skylar Morgan's discussion The Past Never Stays In The Past. (Bexley + Skylar)
"She stood there, her feet rotted to the floor. Though her heart screamed at her to not forgive the woman that stood before her. Yet her mind somehow understood the logic behind the actions of her adoptive mother's. She knew that Bex wasn't…"
Aug 5, 2021

Ailward Guard
✓ Bexley Dumont replied to ✓ Skylar Morgan's discussion The Past Never Stays In The Past. (Bexley + Skylar)
"Bexley gave a slightly bored sigh as she stared at the girl in front of her. She definitely had the strong headedness Bexley had even without a drop of the dark diviners tainted blood. “What pray tell do you believe those lies where? If you…"
May 3, 2021

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Apr 14, 2021

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skylar morgan.
full name:Skylar Alessia Morgan
nicknames:Leo; Valdi ; Viv; Ona
date of birth.July 5th, 1774
place of birth.somewhere in east asia
residence:apartment in the city center.
dating status:single, uninterested
family.bexley demont - adoptive mother
parents: presumed dead.
siblings: none
hair:chestnut; wavy
eyes:dark brown with purple tints; upturned
skin:golden tan
scentfaint hints of pine
tattoos/marks.ailward tattoo between shoulder blades.
think scars on her shoulder blades from where her wings arise.



Chapter I -- Ravencry.

I know next to nothing about my background. Nothing about my parents, nothing about where I came from. All that I know is that how I came to be in Ravencry was the same as the other children: my family was poor, and so I was sold into the league to be an assassin. I was four when they took me from my home in East Asia, which I remember barely anything about. The only thing I was told was my date of birth, so that they could keep track of my age, as well that I wasn’t human, but Nephilim. Instead, we were given numbers that would increase based on our ranking. Numbers 1-3 were given to the best of the best amongst those sold as children, and I yearned to be up there.

We were trained to be one thing: to be the perfect assassin. The league didn’t just teach us combat---we learnt all the modern languages, how to blend into the crowds and shadows, and the art of seduction. We were discouraged from forming friendships amongst ourselves, and to cure our boredom by reading in the library, or whatever skills taught to us. By the age of fifteen, we were nameless robots, ready to be shaped to the needs of whatever task was given to us.

As soon as I turned sixteen, Ravencry sent me on my first mission. Killing came to see--I felt no remorse as I saw my target’s corpse fall to the ground. To be honest, I felt nothing, no emotions whatsoever. It was the same for the rest of my kills, which came quickly. I supposed that the higher-ups took notice of me, and liked how clean and professional I was that early on in my career. Not even a year after I started, I was given the number 4. Not higher than that, my abilities were not well-rounded. I was good, but my tracking was the best in the league. I didn’t mind that too much, especially since the elders in Ravencry  gave me harder, longer, and more difficult assignments, where I would be assassinating politicians and other important people. Basically, situations where it was important that I not be caught.  I became the best tracker in Ravencry in no time, and one of their best assassins. For eight more years, I was faithful to the league, giving it my all. I knew nothing else outside my life, even on jobs. Little did I know that one assignment in the year 1965 would change everything for me.

Chapter II -- Milo.

It started out as any other assignment would. I was sent to Portugal for the usual--procure information, and kill some important person. I wasn’t counting on meeting someone else waiting for me. He was standing there as I entered the office, as if he knew I was there. He told me his name was Milo, and that he had a proposition for me. I told him to kindly bugger off, and not jeopardise my mission, and promptly left with what I’d come to find---after a rather invigorating fight where I thought he was there to kill me. I’d hoped the stranger would leave, but he kept popping up in the most inconvenient of places. Finally, when cornered in a situation that could have compromised my assignment, I finally agreed to hear Milo out over a drink.

I met him for a drink in a bar, and that’s when he told me of the Ailwards---the Aspects and the Guard. Milo was a lycanthrope Guard himself, and he told of the incredible life they led. Everyone was there by choice, not because they were sold or forced into it. Everyone had the option of saying “no.” I’ll admit, his words intrigued me a little---having a choice was a foreign concept to me. Before we parted ways for the night, Milo said that there was a place in the Guard for me, if I wanted it. I told him that I belonged to Ravencry. He assured me that if I wanted to leave the League, he would take care of the rest. He told me where to find him, but that’d be here only for a week---he’d leave the day I was set to complete the assassination.

I thought about it for the whole week. Would I really leave the only life I’d ever known? I started thinking about Milo, and the weirdest thought came to mind: he had a name. All I had was a number, nothing else. Not a clue of where I’d come from or who I was. Hell, if it wasn’t for the scars running down my back, I’d have never known that I was Nephilim.

The day of the assassination soon came. I was in position, just as planned. There was my opening, where I’d be instructed to shoot the poison dart at the an. But when the moment came, I hesitated. I now had the choice to walk away. For the first time in my life, I had a choice. I found myself lowering my weapon, and watching my window close. I had the choice to be my own person, and make my own way through life. Without a second thought, I left the venue, and where I knew Milo would be waiting for me.

Before we left for the Isle of Skye together, I told him I didn’t want to be referred to as a number anymore. I wanted a name---it was the first part of finally building myself. I’d gone through names in my head, and settled on two. From that day on, I became Skylar Morgan.

Chapter III -- The Ailward Guard.

Just as Milo promised, there was a place for me in the Guard. I was accepted with open arms, and they quickly began to utilise my skills in the best ways possible. From the day I got my tattoo and was granted the immortality that came with being a Guard, I was faithful to only the Ailwards. I became the person they sent out to retrieve information, to not be seen and raise eyebrows. They realised that combat was something I was exceptional at, but not as good as my tracking. I could find people with just the smallest of clues. That’s when they told me about the Celestials: a dangerous species who threatened to usurp the balance of the world and throw it into chaos.

The Ailwards told me about their past with the Celestials. I believed them and their claims, especially after Milo confirmed their stories. He became my closest friend in the Guard, and I spent most of my time with him when I was back on the Isle. He told me this was for the right reasons, and that the Guard wanted to send me to capture any other Celestials who’d fallen to earth in the last century. I agreed to the mission, and soon became the best at it.

My feelings for Milo grew with every moment I spent with him, but I didn’t want to ruin the first and most amazing friendship I’d ever had. So I tried to get my mind off him by throwing myself into my work. It was the same for years on end, for the rest of the fifty years I spent in the Guard. Still, it was inevitable when Milo and I grew closer and closer, and I found myself falling for him deeper and deeper. Eventually, Milo told me that he had feelings for me, but I wasn’t ready to tell him I felt the same. I was terrified of sabotaging everything. I asked if we could keep the dynamic we had, and he agreed.

The last Celestial I brought back to the Isle in the mid 2010’s told me a story while on our journey. She told me a slightly different variation of what the Ailwards told me. Her story told me about the injustices that the Celestials faced from the Ailwards, and that they themselves were not dangerous. She told me of how their powers truly worked, which confused me somewhat. 

Upon returning to the Isle, I asked Milo about the whole thing. He assured me it was just her trying to escape and save her own neck. It was our job as the Ailwards to protect the world from whatever threats, and that the Celestials had proven to be too dangerous to be allowed to roam free. He then advised that I not stress about it, and instead focus on the festivities to be held that day: there was the anniversary of the Ailwards finding the Isle of Skye.

I took his advice, and had a marvellous time. We drank till we saw doubles, and danced till our feet were sore, and still some more. I found myself with Milo most of the night, and as we spun around on the dance floor, and as I looked into his eyes, something just clicked in my mind. I thought maybe, just maybe, we could be more than friends. That one thought took control of my body, mind, and soul, and I found myself leaning in to kiss him. He returned the gesture, and the whole world melted away. I confessed that I’ve loved him for a while now, and one thing led to another.

The next morning, I awoke in Milo’s bedchambers to find him gone. The sound of running water coming from his bathroom hinted that he was in the shower, so I took the liberty to stretch out on his bed. On his bedside table, I found a leather-bound book, and open reading it, I realised it was his journal. Curiosity overcame me, and I took a quick scan through the pages. The recent entries talked about me and his feelings, and I’ll admit it made my heart swell. I was starting to think that pursuing things with Milo was really the best idea.

Then, I flipped towards the earlier entries from around the time we first met. I was curious to know what his first impressions were of me. However, what I found didn’t bring me joy. Instead, my heart stopped as I read that the Ailwards had bought me from the League, with the sole intention of having me hunt down the Celestials. They knew my reputation of being one of, if not the best tracker in the world, and they wanted my exclusive services. But that didn’t compare to the pain when I realised that Milo knew. Milo knew that the Ailwards had bought me, but he’d kept quiet.

I didn’t hear the water stop running nor his footsteps. Only his voice broke me from my stupor, his face twisted in horror when he realised what he was reading. He told me that he only kept it from me because he knew how much making my own choice meant to me. He loved me too much to break the truth, which left me speechless. I didn’t know what to think, but I knew one thing was for certain: I couldn’t stay with the Ailwards anymore. The pedestal I’d put them on had crumbled, and all they were now was just more people who lied to me, and manipulated me towards their own gain.

I told Milo exactly that, and I gave him an ultimatum: I would try to look past this and continue building whatever we had between us, only if he left the Guard with me. There was no chance of me looking past what they’d done. Milo was torn, but said that he couldn’t leave the Guard. I stayed quiet as I gathered my things and left his room, and went to mind to pack. He followed me, begging for me to stay and not to leave him. I said nothing, right until I got my bags and marched towards the nearest Aspect, told them that I was done with their lies, and left the Isle of Skye and Milo in the past.

Chapter IV: Evermore City.

Upon leaving the Ailwards, I fell into a deep depression. I felt completely lost, and had no idea who I was or what I would do. To make things worst, two months after leaving the Guard, I suffered a miscarriage. It had to been Milo's, as I hadn't been with anyone in that way, but I couldn't tell him. I never wanted to see his lying, manipulating face again. I'd never felt so alone as I recovered. It was then a new creature came to my attention. Well, not new per say: Venetus Ailward had told the Guard of the Aurazin. The gods had told him of mans new guardian angels, and told us how to sense them out---especially if we were Therianthropes or Nephilim, and I obviously fell into the latter. I knew from his rainbow aura that he was an Aurazin, and he introduced himself as Hudson.

Hudson helped me out the rut I found myself in. He became the closest thing I had to a friend, making me talk through all the emotions that flurried through my mind. He made me face the betrayals and lies and manipulations that had so cruelly been thrown my way, and most of all, he made me start to develop myself. Hudson took me to Evermore City, where he said there was a large Nephilim community, and that would make me feel safer. Upon moving there, he helped me establish myself---I soon became a combat instructor, opening my own martial arts gym so that my people would learn to defend themselves. I now had a purpose, and finally felt happy for the first time since that horrible day. But as soon as things looked up, Hudson had to leave, as his species demanded.

I remained in the city even after Hudson left. Him leaving sort of assured me that i would be fine---that everything would be fine. So I spread my roots, focussing on my business and making it flourish. I was my home when the comet came, blessing us with wings that would lift from the thick scars on our backs. The Phoenixes, our allies, taught us how to fly, and soon I learnt how to incorporate this new ability into combat. It took time and a lot of practice, but I've now perfected the art of aerial combat.

However, as much as I loved teaching others, I missed the excitement that came with my previous life. Fate must have noted my yearning for adventure, for a man visited me in the gym, offering me a good sum of money if I were to agree to take out a man for him. I agreed, and the job was more than easy. From that job, more came, and I found myself working as a mercenary from time to time. I found I enjoyed this more than I enjoyed my time in the league, for one simple reason: it was all my choice, and mine alone.

When the Ailwards came to Evermore, I did whatever I could to avoid them. I wanted nothing to do with them after their betrayal. Things worked out well enough, especially once I’d heard the Celestials had broken free and destroyed the Isle. I’d learnt that what the Celestial told me about the Ailwards was true, and I’d done what I could to help their plight ever since. Now, seeing the Ailwards distraught over the loss of the Isle brought some grim sort of satisfaction. I’ve still been managing quite well to stay clear of that lot, and am happy just doing my own thing, living by my own terms for the first time in my entire life.


C U R R E N T   S T O R Y L I N E :

→ S K Y L A R  is currently based in the Nephilim territory of Evermore, which she rarely leaves. She runs a combat gym in the city center, and also works as a mercenary. She's currently trying to stay as clear as she can from the Ailwards, and is focusing on finding herself.

O N G O I N G   T H R E A D S :

 So Much For Keeping In Touch. (Hudson) - REPLIED.
W H I L E  Skylar's closing up the gym, a familiar presence walks in after hours, and its a face that the angel child is more than happy to see.
 Fate Is A Funny Thing. (Charlie) - STARTED.
A N  open hit has reached Sky's attention, but something about it isn't sitting right with the mercenary. So she's decided to do her own investigating on the mark: Charlie Kinzle.
 The Past Never Stays In The Past. (Bexley) - REPLIED.
A F T E R. hearing about a store in the human territory with some good art pieces, Sky instead is met by a familiar but unfriendly face.
 Somewhere Only We Know. (Aurantia) - STARTED.
F I N D I N G  a spot in the woods she once visited, Skylar thought she found a place to be alone and compose her thoughts. Little did she know that the only other person that knew of the little hideaway would be there too.
 Know When To Walk Away. (Liam) - STARTED.
W H I L E  on a mercenary job, Skylar's exposed markings may have landed her in a rather awkward encounter...

C U R R E N T L Y   P L O T T I N G :


W A N T E D   C O N N E C T I O N S  :

C E L E S T I A L S 
Skylar was someone who'd captured most of the Celestials from 1965-2015. After discovering that the Ailwards had deceived her, Skylar left the Guard and dedicated her life to keeping Celestials away from the Ailwards until the fall of the Isle of Skye. It'd be cool to have some sort of love-hate relationship going on with some Celestials
→ A I L W A R D   G U A R D S / A S P E C T S.
Skylar was a member of the Ailward Guard from 1965-2015. It'd make sense for her to have some friends or frenemies in the Guard.
→ S T A F F  A N D  M E M B E R S  A T   T H E   G Y M .
As Skylar runs a combat gym directed towards (although not exclusively for) training young Nephilim, she'd need staff and people who frequent the gym.
→ M E R C E N A R Y   C O N N E C T I O N S .
Skylar has been an assassin from 1956-1965 in the Ravencry League, and then was a mercenary from 2018 till the present. She could have been hired by someone to kill someone, or we plot something where Skylar's been hired to hunt down your character.

C OM P L E T E D   T H R E A D S :


N O N - S U P E R N A T U R A L  S K I L L S
Stealth → Being bred to be quite literally the perfect assassin, Skylar finds it easy to blend into the crowd or the shadows. 
Tracking → Skylar has had a natural talent for finding people or things that don't necessarily want to be found. She's known to be the best tracker to come out of Ravencry, and rumoured to be the best in the world.
Combat → Skylar was trained thoroughly in all modes of combat: hand-to-hand, weaponry, and as of late, aerial.
Manipulation → Ravencry didn't just teach Skylar how to fight---they taught her how to bend someone to do her bending just by using her words.
Parkour → Trained to perform acrobatic manouveurs in any possible situations, Skylar is an expert in getting from one place to another, no matter what stands in her way.
Linguist → Ravencry had Skylar learn all the modern and dead languages at a very young age. She is fluent in all.
Swimming → As an assassin, Ravencry was sure to make Skylar proficient at swimming. She can hold her breath for long periods of time, and isn't exhausted quickly.
Diving → Diving was an essential skill Ravencry insisted Skylar have with her, and she makes it a point to practice as often as she can. 
Pilot → When the options became available to her, Skylar became a licensed pilot---just in case a job called for it in the future.
Martial Arts → There is nothing Skylar loves more than hit a heavy bag or some pads, or even find a sparring partner to not just blow off steam, but casually too.
Reading → To pass the time, Skylar enjoys curling up with a hot cup of tea and a good book. She loves the mystery novels more than anything.
Running → Skylar finds it therapeutic to run, and takes a long run every morning before she starts her day.
A T  A  F I R S T  G L A N C E →

Skylar prefers to not stand out in the crowd, but to blend in rather than completely disappear. She's usually found in gym clothes as she's usually at her gym, but on the other days keeps things very casual. She rarely wears bright colours, preferring neutral colours to help divert attention from herself. 

You'd think of Skylar as a doormat during first impressions, but on the contrary, she will stand up for herself if she feels she's being treated unfairly. She has a strong moral compass, and keeps to it rigidly. She's also the type to speak up against any injustices that may come her way.

Raised an assassin, Sky's been trained to keep her expression neutral most of the time. This may lead to her seeming somewhat stoic during encounters, and if she doesn't trust someone, her replies will be blunt, curt, and to the point. This may lead to her seeming insincere. 


D I G G I N G  D E E P E R  →

Skylar feels like her whole life has been written out for her, and barely had any choice in the matter until the past five years. Because of this, she may forget herself at times when she's excited, and may make impulsive decisions. However, she's also subconsciously impressionable, tending to want to make the people she cares about happy no matter what the cost.

Given the betrayal she faced from the Ailwards, she's very distrustful. She's the type where the phrase "once bitten, twice scorned," applies. After giving her all to the Ailwards and being met with lies and manipulation and lies in return, she's hesitant to ever let anyone in again.

That being said, she leads her life by a strict moral compass. If someone becomes precious to her, Sky will never lie or manipulate them. She'd give the honest truth no matter what---but this honesty is only granted to those who have her trust.

After being manipulated her entire life, Sky guards herself well, and won't let just anyone in.

her heart the liar.
Milo was Sky's first real contact in the outside world, other than her missions from Ravencry. He gave her something she'd never had before: a choice. He offered her a place in the Ailward Guard, to which she accepted. They fell in love, and everything was going well--until Skylar found out that Milo knew that the Ailwards had bought her from Ravencry for the sole purpose of tracking and hunting down Celestials. Betrayed, Sky left Milo on the Isle of Skye, and plans never to see him again.

Bexley Dumont
her adoptive mother.
Bexley was Sky's first taste of having a real family. Upon joining the Guard, Bex took Sky under her wing, and eventually officially adopted the Nephilim. Unfortunately, Sky discovered that Bex was the one who discovered her back in the League, and arranged for the Guard to buy her for the sole purpose of tracking down Celestials. She'd been the head of all the manipulation and betrayals Sky faced in the Guard, and even gave Sky a necklace that was enchanted to make her comply. Not surprisingly, Sky despises her now.

Hudson Garcia
her guardian angel.
Skylar met Hudson when she first left the Ailwards in 2015. She was at her lowest then, and that attracted the Aurazin to her. He pulled her from that rough patch and helped her get back on her feet in Evermore City. She owes her current success and happiness to him.

Cornelia Bradford
her mentor.
Cornelia and Skylar met after Sky moved into the Nephilim territory. Sky had just opened up her gym when the then-Nephilim ambassador introduced herself. Slowly but surely, Sky came to see Cornelia as a sort of mentor, and maybe even a friend. When Cornelia was a cop, Sky would usually be the one tracking down impossible-to-follow leads for the detective---secretly, of course---in order to help Cornelia however she could. 
Aurantia Ailward
her former charge.
After joining the Guard, Skylar found herself getting close to Aurantia. The two formed such a close bond, that eventually Sky became her personal guard. The two went on becoming closer and closer, until Sky found out about the manipulation she was put through. Skylar then left the Isle of Skye, abandoning her position as Tia's guard, although a part of her will always care for her safety.

insert relationship
insert description
insert relationship
insert description
the gym. 
Sky Combat: Skylar's MMA Gym.located: city center, in the nephilim territory
services: private training, group classes

S T A F F.



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