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~The Blacks' Valentines Restaurant ( Open To 3 More) ~

Will valentines be a good hit in Evermore City? Will it go to plan? Will Macies Restaurant be…See More
Feb 7, 2021

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"Aiden sighed as he looked out at the snow-covered city but the weather brought no happiness to him…"
Feb 1, 2021

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~The Blacks' Valentines Restaurant ( Open To 3 More) ~

Started Feb 7, 2021 0 Replies

Will valentines be a good hit in Evermore City? Will it go to plan? Will Macies Restaurant be beaming with customers or will it be empty? Why don't you come and have a say in the way Valentines day…Continue

~ An Evermore Christmas (Open to 2 others~

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Aiden Hale Feb 1, 2021. 1 Reply

It's a week before Christmas and Macie wants to make everyone happy by delivering Christmas presents to everyone. Will it go her way without a hitch or will there be drama along the way? Will anyone…Continue

~"Sober" Nightclub (Macie & Ryker)~

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It had been a busy week at The Black's Restaurant and CiCi had not had a…Continue


~Macie Black~

Macie Black

The Basics

Full Name: Macie Black
Nicknames: Mae, Mac, CiCi
Age: 20 Years Old
Species:Human [Knows About Supernatural]
Occupation:Owns and runs her own resturant
Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado
Hometown: Macie was born in a town named Watson


Build: Tall Athletic Mesomorph
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 132lbs
Gender: Female
Hair: Sandy Blonde
Eyes: Sky Blue
Faceclaim: Claire Holt
Relationship Single
Sexuality Heterosexual


Favourite Colour: Her favourite is Purple, but she likes Blue & Red too.
Positive: Caring, Friendly, Determined
Negative:Inquisitive & Michevious
Habits & Hobbies: Working, Outdoors, Shopping, Arty things, Cooking and Baking

Her Story

Macie was born on a summer's day in a small town named Watson, despite concerns about the birth and warnings from doctors, her parents had insisted they have her at him. After 12 hours of labor, Macie entered the world on the floor of home that would raise her for the next 4 years. Macie was an inquisitive child, always asking her parents questions and enjoyed learning new things.

Macie however lost her parents at the tender age of 4. They had left the young girl with her babysitter while they went out for a date night but never came home. The police had officially ruled the death as an animal attack and Macie hadn't known any better at that age. After being moved into the foster system, moving from home to home and generally caused hell for those who cared for her, Macie grew up and that inquisitive nature never left her. She was determined to figure out what really happened to her parents and why the police would lie about it.

Macie always felt different from the other kids, that was probably why they liked to tease her and make mean comments about her parents. She'd often get in fights with the other kids because they wouldn't leave her alone or drop things when she asked. Her life became difficult, from never really getting along with any foster families she was assigned meaning she moved around a lot and never really fitting in with the other kids at school, Macie struggled to find her place in the world.

Things started to turn around when she turned 18 however and finally allowed to leave the system and build a life of her own. Now that she was an adult, all the money her parents had left her was now hers. She couldn't wait to get away from her life in Watson and start again. It was then that Macie decided to move to Evermore city. After working part time as a waitress, she had learned a lot about restaurants and through her hard work she even had a little experience with managing at one.

Macie took a big bet by choosing to buy a large and rather run down building in Evermore city. Most saw it as a mess but all she saw when she looked at it was potential. Macie worked to build the place from the ground up, installing tables, a beautiful kitchen and decor which reminded her of the home she lived before she lost her parents. On the side she took cooking classes in Evermore so that she could help in the kitchen and hired a small team of people to help her wait on customers and serve the food. Macie was proud the day "The Black's" opened, named in honor of her parents who had their very own plaque on the wall. She wanted to honor them, and this would be the way she did so.

Throughout her time in Evermore, Macie met a handsome guy, he was a kind and interesting man who often came into the restaurant to eat alone. It took her a while to realize that he was coming in near every day just to flirt with her but eventually he worked up the courage to ask her out and she accepted. The two of them dated for many months and eventually Macie fell in love with him and asked him to move in. The two of them lived together in the apartment above the restaurant and she felt happy, like her life had finally turned a corner and she was finally in control of her life.

That however was a naive assumption. Macie had been out for the night with a couple of friends but had come down with a headache and decided to head home early. When she got back home he wasn't in his usual spot on the couch which had her curious. As she walked through the hall to the bedroom her whole being filled with dread as she opened the door to find another woman in their bed. Macie was furious and almost felt her heart crack in two as he scrambled to put his clothes on and chase her down the hall. Tear filled to told him to leave and not come back.

And that was the end of her story with them tougher. He walked away and she never heard from again and she didn't want to. Macie was then left once again to pick up the pieces of her broken life. She didn't know how to at first, but with support from the friends she had made and the constant of her restaurant she managed to find herself again. What she did also find however, was a lack of will to let people in any more. All her life people had let her down and hurt her and the last thing she wanted to do was give people the power to do that again.

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