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Basic Info

  • Rowan James McKenzie

  • Row

  • Looks 25 | Real 27

  • Privus Inutia

  • Heterosexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Iain De Caestecker

  • Single


Rowan was an only child, born into a family in Edinburgh, Scotland. His parents were respected members of the Initia clan there, his father being the Magister. He lived a fairly normal life in the clan, being taught from a young age the many supernatural species that roamed the Earth, including the devils the Phoenixes were. As all Initia thought, he too learned that they were abominations against nature, although the Initia had already driven out their sub-species from their bustling city.

As an only child of the Magister, Rowan was never not stressed, even as a young boy. He was pressured to be strong, to be a leader, to rationalise arguments with a calm tone, to never show a sign of weakness. But he never could--he wasn’t a leader, like his father, and never would be. But his parents wouldn’t see that: no, they continued to push at his limits, unknowing that they were driving their son away at such a young age. They never knew how alone he felt, how he knew he could never live up to their expectations.

But at the age of ten, he found someone whom he could talk to; to relate to: his father’s brother and his own uncle, Samuel. SamMcKenzie was the only other sibling of Magister Richard McKenzie, older by only two years. One day, he found the young Rowan out by himself in the neighbourhood playground, unease apparent in his expression. And that when he spoke to his nephew, telling him his stories about how after his brother was claimed as the Magister, he was living in his shadows. How before he was claimed, everyone expected the most out of Sam. But he wasn’t the leader, not by far. And so began a very close-knit relationship with his uncle for Rowan, as since that day, whenever he had a problem or worries, Miguel was the first the young boy went it.

At the age of thirteen, everyone expected one thing from not just him, but out of all growing Initia: an elemental control. Everyone around him could either somewhat control heated flames or running water, gust of air or tremors in the ground. His parents simply comforted him, telling him he was just simply a late bloomer. There were apparently many cases, but all eyes were on the Magister’s son. All in the tribe  knew that the Initia gene was never a 100% assured chance of receiving. Would their leader’s child be doomed to leave a regular human life?

He tried to keep a strong face, for his parents’ sake. But for days, weeks, months, and ultimately years, he set on his study desk a glass of water, a box of matches, a feather and a potted plant. Every day, he tried to work on a different element, continuing the rotation every four days. First, he’d stare down at the plant, doing everything in his mental capacity to get the flora to bloom, to sprout another leaf, even to just move unnaturally to prove he had a gift over the element. But he never did, so the next day, he’d try the feather. He’d try to make it float, but when he failed, the next day, he’d try the glass of water. He’d make fugal attempts to have it ripple at least, but he never could. And the next day, he’d try the matches. He’d strike one, igniting the flame, and doing everything he could he tried to move it with his mind, to even hover over the burning wood. But he never succeeded. Day after day, he repeated the cycle, trying to prove that he would be somebody in the clan.

At the age of sixteen, his hope for simply being a late bloomer slowly started to fade. However, he’d still practice in his room, day after day, still having that slight hope that he’d strike gold one day. But he couldn’t not think of having a backup plan. He knew he needed something to fall back on. And so, he was determined to do well in high school. He proved to be a brilliant student, acing all his academic classes without a fail. He figured if he couldn’t make his parents proud in the supernatural sense, he’d do it this way. And he never felt happier, especially when he saw his parents and uncle's reactions to the commendations and awards he gained.

After graduating valedictorian of his class, Rowan finally gave up on the dream that an elemental power would claim him. He was angry, because deep down he knew he would never live up to the perfect picture his parents had painted for his life. Rowan however, did have scholarship offers from not only just around the country, but also around the globe following his applications to study engineering, which he always excelled in.

Despite the coldness from his parents which following him wherever he went, he didn’t mind living a human life. He was a brilliant individual, and he knew it. After months of considering universities and discussing it with his parents, he decided to attend an electronic design degree course in Princeton University. He left for the USA after the summer, settled into his dormitory, and was prepared to live a rather normal life.

Rowan felt a sense of freedom the moment he landed in the new continent, knowing his parents back home in Scotland couldn't constantly remind him of how he didn't belong in the Initia community.

Twas the night just before school started for Rowan, and he’d been invited to a start of year party, as were all new freshmen in the Ivy-League school. He was just finishing up a bit of work when the power cut, the lights in his room going off, just like everything else in the building. Except, however, his laptop. He was confused for a moment, before realising it was probably the battery running, until he realised the light indicating a flow of electricity was streaming into the device.

He jumped back, only to catch a glance in the mirror: his eyes, unlike their usual sky-blue hue, were a rich, sharp electric blue, the color moving in his eyes. It wasn’t like his father’s or his friend’s eyes back in the tribe when they controlled water, this color different. He was startled, and that was then the lights started to flash as his emotions went on a frenzy. The fluorescent lights beamed strong above him, and that was when he felt a tingling sensation along his lower back, just like how the elders told him it would feel. Doubtful, he slowly pulled up the hem of his shirt and turned around, and that was when he say what he’d been waiting for his entire life: a tattoo. It was different from that of his tribes’; it was very, very different.

But again, he realised, so was he. He tested his theory that very moment, eyeing the light switches on the far end of the room. Surely enough, the lights flickered at his will. Excited, he pulled open his door and pressed his hand against the cool surface of the wall outside. He realized he could feel the current beneath his fingers, and trying his luck, he tried to bring the power back into the building--he was successful. And that was when he realised he didn’t excel in the four natural elements, but he was still Initia: an electricity-controlling being.

Rowan's default reaction to his new found power was to want to call home and tell them how he finally belonged as an elementalist. But the logical and rational part of him knew he could never do that. From a young age Rowan had been brought up with his tribe and he knew them inside and out, namely, he knew that they were not the kind to accept anything out of the norm, it was why they cursed phoenix kind so much. Much to his dismay, Rowan knew his family back home could never know about his power.

After his discovery, Rowan he excelled in his courses. He practiced his element day and night whenever he wasn’t studying, but everything somehow made sense to him whenever he attended a lecture, looked through an article, or looked over his textbooks. His professors called him a genius when it came to understanding the theories and habits of electricity. His inventions were flawless in design, although he did admittedly did use his abilities to explore their function on a whole new level to ensure they worked. He graduated top of his class in his degree, bachelors, masters, and soon Ph.D. courses. He was a prodigy, they all said.

Rowan also developed a liking for hacking, and being a young adult man, he and his friends did enjoy having a on some of their peers whenever one got on their nerves. He discovered he could control all computers and devices as long as he’d touched them once before, having memorized their system preferences and inner functions.

He graduated with a high commendation in his ph.D., but he never called home to tell his parents the date. Regardless they somehow got word and found their way to Princeton to watch him as he walked across the stage. In his emotion as he met the eyes of his father in the audience, Rowan's eyes had flashed their bright electric blue and unintentionally he caused the mic and speaker system to trip ripping a loud screech through the air.

Rowan had tried to run but it seemed he was running out of places to go as he found himself followed. That night was one of the hardest in the Initia's life as he had to watch his father tear himself apart with everything he had ever known and the new reality he faced. Rowan had been right about where he stood however. His parents walked away from him that night and he forced himself to let go of the family he had always wanted to impress and start over once more.

After that night, he knew it was time for him to leave Princeton, which had been his home away from home for eight, long, tedious years. He was mentally surfing the net through his computer as he packed when he came across an online newspaper from a small city in Colorado, the paper called “The Evermore Online Report.” In it, he discovered hints of the supernatural existing, and from there, he researched further. He discovered that the city was called “Evermore City,” and after much delving-into, Rowan found out the place was actually a supernatural haven. Or used to be, he judged from reading reports of war breaking out. There were Initia there, he realised, and maybe he’d find someone who controlled the same element as he did. Rowan decided he would go to Evermore, and he would find out what he could about this new stream of elements.

The next day, Rowan got on a plane to Denver, Colorado, where he then met a woman who would definitely change his life: Rosalyn Sterling. He knew just by looking at her, she was like him, and he knew she’d know the same from him. He approached her and introduced himself, wasting no time when he slyly let the electric-blue of his element consume his irises, showing her what he truly was. He asked if she too was heading to Evermore, and upon hearing that she was, he asked if he could join her, to talk about their elements. Thankfully, she agreed, and from there they took a train down to the city of Evermore. After settling down in an apartment in the middle of the city, he found a job in a security company called Maddox Industries, where he worked with inventors, programmers and scientists to develop various technologies to further the name of the company. He’s yet to meet the Magister of this city’s tribe, but little does he know, the surprises and discoveries he’d face in the coming future would never seem to end.


Giselle Stark


From the moment that Rowan met Giselle Stark he knew she would be the girl he could never have. Regardless the Initia found himself wondering what if. Giselle shines a light in a very dark place for Rowan.

Davis Costa


When Rowan first came to Evermore city, he found himself a little lost but he found somewhat of a family in the Privus tribe. It made sense for Davis and Rowan to share the cost of an apartment between them.

Rosalyn Sterling


Rosalyn and Rowan have a volatile relationship, she is his magister and his leader but he never holds back his opinions from her. Rowan respects her and her leadership but the two are more often than not, bickering.

Wes Harte

Best Friend

Rowan and Wes were fast friends, both living their lives on a similar wave length and enjoying long movie marathons and drinking beer. Wes is the only person Rowan really feels like he can talk to without judgement.

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Merry Christmas, McKenzie

Here's to another year of you stealing money from the rich and giving to yourself the poor.

Mild Annoyance cause that cost a fortune Love, 

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  • Since you love japan, figured some snacks would make you want to go more.
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Merry Christmas Mister No name.


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Hey, Looks like we got matched for an RP!

Let me know if you have a plot idea and/or starter!



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Let this Long Heartbreaking Journey Begin

The Perfect Con

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Hey Rowan! 

I'm your first comment! Yay! 

This is our Forum sorry for my bad starter!

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