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Finding Others (Scott and Athena)

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She wanted to pick up and learn a new skill. Something she tended to do, a coping mechanism of sorts. Way of keeping herself and mind busy one of the things she learnt during her therapy sessions. By…Continue

Late Night Insomnia (Eirik and Athena) COMPLETED

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From a young age, Athena have always struggled with her sleep patterns. Finding that a lot of the time she was battling with insomnia. Even with how much she tried to stop it, she couldn’t shake it.…Continue

Earth Help (Lorenzo and Athena)

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Since a child Athena always have been determined. That if…Continue

Grave Encounters (Florentin and Sierra) *Completed*

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Lost was something that she knew well of. Losing…Continue


Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always

Basic Info

  • Athena Rosenberg

  • Thena

  • Looks: 24 Actual: 36

  • Initia

  • Pansexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Victoria Pedretti

  • Single


Cedric Rosenberg

My twin brother - More to be added soon at later date -

Fallon Rosenberg

My older sister - more to be add soon at later date up -

Lorenzo De Rosa

Earth Master aka pain in the ass - more to be added later

Her Story

~ Trigger Warning: Self harm, suicidal thoughts ~ 

Athena was the youngest child having a twin brother Cedric who was 90 seconds before her and an older sister Fallon. Growing up in a big and loving family. Living in a normal life, a typical stereotypical family. One that goes away each summer to other countries on family holidays. All happy thinking nothing would ever happen to them. Athena was a breath of fresh air, the doting daughter. Always the most closest to her twin whilst at the start Fallon hated her. Athena knew knew why her sister hated her, both opposite of each other. Maybe it was because attention being taken away. As a child, Athena had a vast imagination. Spending countless hours outside playing either with her siblings or by herself. Her favourite thing to do was to hold imaginary tea parties or anything else that any young child does. Using her imagination to have fun whilst her parents were at work. Growing up in a big old house a lot of places to explore all the time. Athena always preferred to spend time playing outdoors rather than indoors. A carefree kid with her whole life ahead of her. It wasn’t till Athena was around 8 when she started to have nightmares about ghosts and monsters. Something that affected many children. Each night it would be the same nightmare over and over again. Athena would wake up screaming and crying wanting for it all to go away. For a few months it was the repetitive thing, speaking of her nightmares as well. Making her parents and siblings too keep waking up from her constant screams. Till her parents decided to send her to a few therapy sessions as it was a common occurrence for someone her age. To believe in monsters and all that wasn’t real. It took a few weeks to a few months till Athena was cured. Her nightmares and monsters was gone, able to rest peacefully each night.

Since then she hadn’t had any trouble sleeping, all of her past problems were gone. It never got out to anyone at school of Athena’s problems. Her parents wanted to keep it on the low, not wanting it to affect Athena’s school and social life. As well as wanting to keep up the reputation and proceed being a popular family. Athena always did good in schools, always at the top of all her classes. Keeping good grades, her parents always pushed her and her siblings to get good grades. It wasn’t because they were strict parents it was just that they wanted the best for all their children. Athena always found it easy to find friends, fitting in with any social group. Not saying she was a popular person yet not unpopular just in the middle. Able to blend in. In high school Athena found a close group of friends. They were the type of group who spent every weekend at each others house for sleepovers, going and hanging out at the malls. Gossiping and having fun like any other typical teenagers. Doing anything together. 

Athena started to notice how her older sister became more distant than before, like Fallon and her parents were hiding something from both Athena and Cedric. Growing up their parents thought it was best to shield the truth about their family secrets from both Athena and Cedric whilst Fallon knew the truth. Way of keeping them as innocent children for a little bit longer. Until the twins both turned 7 they couldn’t be shielded by the truth any longer. Athena woke that morning to a mark appearing on her lower back, almost appearing out of thin air. It was the same for Cedric too. Confused about what it was it frightened the young girl more. Finding herself crying for her parents who came in knowing that they would have to tell them. That day Athena learnt the truth but still so young she was confused about what it all meant. Only having just gotten over her nightmares that haunted her to find that it was all real. The opposite to what her parents wanted her to believe. Left confused part of her didn’t believe it. Almost like a coping mechanism. 

Leaving her to find out what her element could be by herself. Letting it just come when it comes to not wanting to push. As a child, Athena always loved the outdoors feeling at peace in the beautiful gardens almost with nature. It came as no surprise to her when she was outside playing that she was able to make dead flowers come back to life once more. She knew from that moment what was her element. Spending the next few years slowly learning more. Waiting until she turned 12, going through her initiation ceremony along with Cedric like Fallon did few years before her. Athena was finally able to officially start her element taking properly gaining another mark on her back. This time it was green making her earth affinity. After turning 18 she choose to follow the path of being a master since finding out about being initia it was something she always dreamed of not wanting to be a diverse initia like others.  

It was nearing the time when Athena would be near to graduating, in the middle of studying and taking her exams. An important and stressful time. One for when she should be cooped in her room studying not gallerbanting with her friends. They thought it would be a good idea to have a sleepover that lead to them roaming the woods late at night. A bit drunk and tispy that they had stolen from their parents alcohol stash without them knowing. It was around midnight when they were all gathering around the campfire playing a game of truth or dare. Athena choose to play dare, she was dared to go and search for more firewood from far away. It was the night of a full moon. Deep in the woods Athena started to hear different and strange noises all around her. Thinking she was hearing things, it wasn’t till she heard something approaching her sounding animal like. Turning around Athena saw a large wolf standing there right in front of her. She ran for her life, screaming. Running for her friends for help but ended up tripping over a branch. Making her collapsed to the ground, in all ball. Having a mental breakdown losing it till her parents found her later on.  

Ever since that night Athena started suffering from nightmares, stumbling upon the supernatural. Even with how her parents told her as a child, part of Athena didn’t believe it all to be real. With how she and her family lived in what was just an initia community. Never seeing other supernatural creatures before.  All her nightmares were back. She was barely, sleeping, eating, not able to forget the image in her head. Her grades were going down hill, not able to focus on anything. It too came with her element training stopping with how she didn’t have the heart to do anything. Athena detached herself from her group of friends, just wanting to be alone. Her parents tried to send her back to therapy but it was no use since they didn’t know what was wrong with her as she refused to tell them. One day her friends dragged her along for a road trip, in a way of getting her old self back. Refusing all her no’s as it was a road trip Athena didn’t even want to go on. Her friends thought it would be a good idea to in search of an abandoned asylum. One that had been shut down for many years and long abandoned, breaking into it. All of her friends were into the whole horror obsession whilst for Athena not so much, never liking all that. Especially with all her nightmares and sufferings was happening to her. Entering the abandoned asylum all of them were walking around, they all were having a laugh, seeing how creepy it was. All talking about what must have happened inside the walls. By accident her friends left Athena behind. Leaving Athena to get lost, wandering around all the abandoned walls and rooms in panic. Her powers went a bit haywire, accidentally making veins appear everywhere at each exit. so she was trapping herself in whilst trying to escape. Athena was starting to hear voices and seeing things. Thinking she saw the dead within the walls, all of the gore and dead bodies. 

Athena was starting to get breathless, feeling her heart race rising. Having a full blown panic attack there in the middle of the Abandoned Asylum. It wasn't till her friends came back and found her having a breakdown. Athena’s PSD only got worse since then. Turning to drugs as a way to cope and forget yet it only made it worse causing her to have fake hallucinations Athena was out of her mind. Self harming too. Not in the right frame of mind. Finding herself back in the abandoned asylum, hallucinating. Not even know how she got there, hear head was full of voices. Athena just wanted it all to stop, not even realizing her next actions. Finding herself up the top of the spiral staircase, a piece of rope was hanging from it. Feeling that she was not in the right frame of mind half here and half not. Everything that happened next was a blur to her. Both Cedric and Fallon followed and tracked down Athena saving before it was all too late. Pulling her back from letting her slip into darkness. Both of them realizing how close they were to losing her because they were too busy with their own lives to see that Athena was struggling. The older siblings vowed that they would look after Athena making sure that she gets the best care. 

After that night Athena’s parents thought it would be best to seek a different type of therapy for Athena that this was much more than just childlike nightmares. Searching down till they found the person who could help their daughter, coming across a Psychic Master, Sofi Zahara. The one person who could help to bring their daughter back. After a few long months, Athena was back to her old happy self all the dark thoughts and feelings have gone away once more. Thankful for Sofi’s help. After all that happened, after that night brought Athena, Cedric, Athena closer together. Choosing that it was time for them to move away and leave their parents behind. Leaving their old home behind, moving to Evermore City. A fresh start in all. Athena wanted to focus on developing her Earth element. Determined wanting to one day becoming a Master. To do so she needed to learn from the best. Coming across Lorenzo De Rosa. Surprised at first, Athena not expected for the Earth Master to be blind. Finding he was the opposite of what she first thought, he was fun, dramatic and sarcastic. Athena became his student the two balancing each other out, both a little bit broken. She hopes that with the new start would be good to let her past be her past looking forward to what is to come. 

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I suppose you could say, I'm back sister...

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Why are you denying my love and support... *sniffles* you are breaking my heart.

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Come not Stephy You know I am your biggest fan

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Kimmy doesn't do chill.

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"It had been a while since Scott, had been out to try and explore the city a little bit. The Initia was usually at the farm, where he worked. The duties keeping him busy; especially in the cold winter months. It was more work, to keep everything…"
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"Eirik could sense there was something mysterious about the young woman. And he had a liking for the mysterious. It kept people guessing. And in some aspects, he too liked people guessing. The Valkyr was amused, as to how she think she could fool…"
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"Athena could be a little bit adventurous when she wants to do it. When she was younger she was always the one to do things spur of the moment. Never the one to think of all of the dos and don’ts of it all. Back to the time when she was more…"
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"Eirik raised a slight eyebrow at her words; she really had been insistent on doing this alone. But he didn’t think taking that chance was very wise. Not everyone around the city was that nice. Knowing there were some bad eggs lurking around…"
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"I suppose you could say, I'm back sister..."
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"Athena could already get the sense that there’s always new people around to the city most of the time by the way he said that people always adjust. Thinking that it was right where she heard of the city being a scanion for people like her…"
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"Lorenzo listened to her tone peak at the realization that he was blind, “Government likes to put a label on things. And I can’t exactly tell them I see in other ways can I?” He shrugged as he wiped his hands on the rag that had…"
Feb 5

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"The girl had a good sense of humor. Eirik could tell that much, from the first few moments. “I am sure, you’ll adjust sooner or later. Everyone does.” It was just a matter of time. Hearing her comment about walking in the middle of…"
Feb 3

✓ Athena Rosenberg replied to ✓ Athena Rosenberg's discussion Late Night Insomnia (Eirik and Athena)
"At times she felt like a fish out of water. Always taking her a while to get used to things when going somewhere new. Whether it be to getting used to the way things work or to where things were. Seeing i was the reason to how she gets lost quite…"
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"The Valkyr hadn’t been expecting to bump into anyone. Certainly not this beauty, whom was new to the city. But it seemed like his evening, was about to get a lot more interesting. Meeting new people in the city, never hurt. Right? He could…"
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"Athena thought maybe she was not making the best of starts. Almost by now she was used to having awkward first meetings for far. Starting off with how she let herself into Enzo’s home thinking it was the way things work. Soon finding it…"
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"Athena was someone who never properly thought something through before it’s too late. Tending to do what she thinks is a good idea when it may not be the correct one. Not making a habit of going to a strangers home and walking inside without…"
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"Eirik was always rather adventurous. As a child, he used to love going with his father and their men. Wanting to learn how to raid and be a true Viking,like them. Even when he got lost; that didn’t deter him from the adventure ahead. Something…"
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✓ Athena Rosenberg replied to ✓ Athena Rosenberg's discussion Late Night Insomnia (Eirik and Athena)
"Even as a child she used to get lost if she didn’t know her way. Easily distracted not noticing where she was going or if people who was with were already too far ahead and she didn’t see where they were. So Athena was used to finding…"
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