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Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you know nothing about. Be kind. Always

Name: Sierra Mia Reigns

Aliases: Sia, Era (Valeria)

Faceclaim: Milena Tscharntke

Age: Real – 31 | Looks - 22

Birth Date: 18th of May, 1988 | Place of Birth: London, England

Species: Initia - Magister 

Sexuality: Bisexual | Relationship Status: Single 

Gender: Female | Occupation: Initia Ambassador 

Build: Athletic, slim | Eye Colour: Blue

Hair Colour: Blonde | Height: 5 ft 5

Distinguishing Marks: Initia tribal tattoo on lower back, tattoo under her breasts 

Life has never been simple for Sierra, she thought that her life was normal and she had her future all planned out. A future that she was supposed to have, people say things happen for a reason maybe it is what fate had installed for her or was it all her fault. Sierra grew up and spent most of her childhood in the city of London in England, she was the daughter of two wealthy and powerful business people. She spent most of her time growing up alone with her older brothers Adolf and Cedric; their parents were always too busy and away a lot with work, leaving them behind. It was normal for her parents to spend weekends and weeks away on business trips, although she never really knew where her parents were going all the time. Her parents were two secretive people; she always knew that her parents had been keeping something from her and her brother. At times she had walked in or overheard a conversation that her parents were having discussing things that didn’t make any sense. She always thought none of it and pushed it back to her mind not knowing that her parent’s secrets could be one of the reasons why her life changed.

Sierra and her brother were rebellious, always acting out whenever they could to displease their parents. She used to go out most nights to different clubs and parties in London, drinking and partying through to the early morning. It was one of the reasons why Sierra acted out was to try to grab her parent’s attention. She started going through some changes, mood swings, anger problems. One morning Sierra had woken up to searing pain that shoot through her lower back, not knowing where the sudden pain had come from.  As the pain came to a stop she had checked her back in a nearby mirror in her bedroom and noticed a tattoo had formed where the pain originated from. She was confused of where and how it had gotten there tattooed on her skin, She went to tell the only person she could know that she could trust with this secret Adolf. As she went to tell her brother only to noticed that he was experiencing the same ain and the same tattoo that was now on their lower backs.

After the appearance of the tattoo, Sierra started to notice strange things what was happening around her, some were unexplainable. She had been able to make the top of fire hydrants to explode with water spraying out at any direction, she was sat focussing on a glass of water to help her boredom, it wasn’t until she realised that she was able to make the water bubble. After that she started to notice she was able to do strange things with water, able to manipulate and freeze it amongst other things.

It was until the day that Sierra’s life changed, it was early in the morning as Sierra and Adolf was coming back from a party they had noticed that the front door had been kicked in. Not knowing what had happened, they ran into their family home to find blood-stained handprints on the walls and the doors, leading into the living room. Sierra had found her parents lying motionless on the floor; she ran her mother’s side. She was alive barely, she listened to her mother’s dying words, she had talked about that there was a species called the Initia and it what she was and their whole family was. She needed to find about Initia and the only place to go to find the truth was Evermore City. Her mother died soon after, her parents were murdered in cold blood.

Sierra swore after her parents were murdered that she would find her parents killers and makes them suffer, she turned to Law and studied to get a law degree to one day to track down the person who killed her mother. Adolf and Cedric was the only family that she had left. Soon after Sierra turned 21 she moved with her siblings across continents to Evermore City, the place that her mother said would hold all the secrets that they had been wanting with find out. She knew that moving to Evermore City would change things; maybe it would be a better life, a place where there are people like her who share the same abilities as her. And where she doesn’t have to hide who she is and her abilities, a place where she can call home, living with her siblings

Good: Intelligent, Caring, Loyal

Bad: Over-trusting,Stubborn, Cautious

Jessalyn Reigns | 20 | Initia | Dove Cameron | 

~ My Beautiful Sister  ~

Jessalyn the youngest of the Reigns. Both Sierra and Cedric practically raised Jessalyn since she was only a babe when their parents were killed. Watching as Jessalyn grow up into the beautiful, strong willed and independent person she is know. She's always the one to talk to when you need a heart to heart to help you make the right decisions. I don't know what I'll do without her. 

Cedric Reigns | 31 | Initia | Dominic Sheerwood

~ The Pain In The Ass ~

My beloved brother. The one whose always been through there thick and thin. Who would annoy me daily. Bit of banter. They were always closer in age, spending more time with each other growing up. Playing outside with each other with their eldest brother. Always remained close. After Adolf's death Cedric kept himself to himself. Going down a darker path which worried her. Not wanting to loose him. Maybe it was why she was more secretive to him because she doesn't want him to react badly. Will miss his cooking then he moves out and the free dog walking. Love ya Ceddy :P 

Florentin Aldridge 

~ The one whose stolen my heart ~ 

Sariah Holloway | Fellow Ambassador/ Friend |

~ The next crazy cat lady ~

Valeria Aldridge | Possible future in law ;) | 

 ~ The less paler Aldridge ~

Illiana Dimitreu aka DJ Fuller 

"Oh Mylanta" 

Siobhan Leslie aka Kimmy Gibbler 

"What would Kimmy do?" 



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Basic Info

  • Sierra Mia Reigns

  • Sia, Era (Valeria)

  • Looks: 22 Actual: 31

  • Initia

  • Bisexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Milena Tscharntke

  • Single


Jessalyn Reigns

Jessalyn the youngest of the Reigns. Both Sierra and Cedric practically raised Jessalyn since she was only a babe when their parents were killed. Watching as Jessalyn grow up into the beautiful, strong willed and independent person she is know. She's always the one to talk to when you need a heart to heart to help you make the right decisions. I don't know what I'll do without her.

Cedric Reigns

My beloved brother. The one whose always been through there thick and thin. Who would annoy me daily. Bit of banter. They were always closer in age, spending more time with each other growing up. Playing outside with each other with their eldest brother. Always remained close. After Adolf's death Cedric kept himself to himself. Going down a darker path which worried her. Not wanting to loose him. Maybe it was why she was more secretive to him because she doesn't want him to react badly. Will miss his cooking then he moves out and the free dog walking. Love ya Ceddy :P .

Sariah Holloway

Desc TBC - at least one line of the border fucks up

Valeria Aldridge

Desc TBC - at least one line of the border fucks up

Her Story

The initia tribe have been around for thousands of years. A species where it’s kin could wield the elements. Something which all was thought as a mif, a story that was told to little kids at bedtime. All the legends are true. About the Initia, Vampires, Therianthrope, Fae’s and necromancers even falling stars. Each species being very real but un-seen from the human eye. Initia were one of the most well known species back in the start of time when each species came out. Where life was very different to how it is now. Where supernatural lived all around each other not needing to hide. One of Initia’s downfalls are that they are not immortal unlike many other Supernatural creatures out there. Initia’s were descended from one and another were it was found that many initia’s married one of its own kin to keep the species going. Whilst some initia chose to marry other supernaturals where the line stopped. 

Eleanor Reigns was raised as a true Initia surrounded by her own kin. Where she grew up was a small village that not many knew existed because of those who lived in it. Many places around the world had its own supernatural settlements where they all lived. Not needing to hide themselves from humans who were hunting them down. As Nowadays there were many few supernaturals that there one were. Eleanor was always so eager wanting her powers to show right away. Counting down the days to when she would turn into a teenager and gain her powers. So when the day came her powers became to show she couldn’t be happier. So were her family. A few years passed until a new mystery rolled into town. 

A new boy started at her school that she attended in a nearby town with other humans. Soon as their eyes met from across the hallway they both new that couldn’t get each other out of their heads. Knowing that there was a spark from the start when they both met. The two of them started to spend more and more time together. Both inside and outside of class. Bonding over everything except Eleanor was keeping the secret of who she was to him. Her parents too fell in love with Andrew, knowing that he was a keeper. As years past they were moving on with their relationship moving in with each other. Andrew went off on a business trip to the outer parts of London that was quite far from her home. When he returned it was like he was a changed man. He started acting different and as each time Eleanor asked what happened when he was gone he would just change the subject or leave the room. One night she followed him out in the woods. Unknown to her it was a full moon that night. She was curious wanting to know what was the matter with him but what she saw shocked her. She watched as the man she loved turned into a beast, he was screaming in main. Hearing as he’s bones broke she ran to him. Not thinking of the consequences. Eleanor tired to use her earth powers but it was no use. 

As she placed her hand on his shoulder she watched as his hands turned into claws. Scrabing at her as she felt his claws digging into her skin. She quickly used her powers to fight him off, running into the night. Luckily she was able to use her healing powers to fight off any chances of her turning into a Therianthrope. The next morning as Andrew awoke he remembered all that happened and what he had done. Eleanor didn’t hate or blame him for all that happened the previous night instead it helped them to open up to each other more. Although her parents didn’t see it that way. Finding out what he was they shunned him not wanting Eleanor to be part of his life but instead of sticking with her family. For once in her life she stood up for herself choosing love rather than family with that they packed their bags and left the place she once called home. Moving to another part of England to a place near Surrey which was far different to where she once lived. To start up their new life. The pair decided to tie the knot where Andrew took on her surname instead of his. 

Months into their new life together as a married couple they found out that they were expecting their first child. They couldn’t be more happy. Not caring if the child was Initia or Therianthrope as they would love it all the same. After Adolf their first born was born soon they were expecting another child, Cedric. A year later they were blessed with a third child but this time was a girl. With light blonde hair. She was a beauty. Knowing she was already destined for greatness. Choosing to raise their children in a different life than they had. Moving to the ritzy side of London. As Andrew had been given a new promotion which came with many perks having already became a wealthy man as had Eleanor made a good name and fortune for herself. Living amongst the rich and famous. 

Sierra grew up close to her two brothers learning about bout of her parents kin. Remembering all the stories her mother told her as she was younger about initia. The young initia was excited knowing that in a few years she’d be showing signs like her elder brothers. Wanting to start her training now but she knew she’d have to wait a while longer.  Sierra was always close to her brothers but more so to Cedric as the two were close in age they basically grew up following each other around. Sharing their toys with one and another. When she was 4 years old, her mother had fallen pregnant once again and gave birth to her younger sister, Jesalyn. Sierra loved her little sister, she always made sure that she helped to look after her. Helping her mother to bottle feed her sister or read her a story.  Her parents took her and her siblings on trips and days out the beach or to the seaside where Sierra and her siblings could all play together with each other, and helped to look after Jessalyn who was younger and smaller than them.  

She might be younger than her two brothers but she watched as the two of them started to change. Both acting up wanting to be alone making any younger sibling upset that they didn’t want to spend time playing games with each other. Watching as Adolf went on with his training long before her as he was the oldest of them. Soon after turning the age of 7 one morning she awoke to find she’d finally been gifted with the initia mark on her lower back. Ecstatic that she’d be finding out her chosen element. Being left wondering what it may have been thinking that it would be simpler that she’ll know straight away, yet part of her knew it wouldn’t be easy as that. A few weeks later, Sierra started to notice how the tv’s in her home kept cutting out or go to a breaking screen picture. Not putting two together till one day she came home to find Cedric had stolen one of her favorite toys. Already having run off ahead of her, Sierra chased after. Grabbing his arm, volt of electricity ran through her veins transport to Cedric. Sending volts of electricity to him. A cunning smirk appeared on the blondes lips finding learning what element affinity she had whilst Cedric cried from the short pain. 

Since finding her element, Sierra found herself becoming closer to her brothers more than before. All sharing the same experience in a way. Finding herself following their footsteps. Spending the next few years slowly learning more about her element, mostly it was trying not to let all electronic devices going crazy whenever she was around them. Or trying not to electrocute her brothers by ‘accident’.  When it came to Sierra turning 12 she went through an initiation ceremony, just like her brothers have done years before her. Officially starting her training for her element properly, gaining another mark on her back. This time it was electric blue marking her electricity affinity. Turning 18 unlike her brothers, Sierra choose to follow the path of becoming a master. Ever since she was a child she’s always dreamed of being a master, looking up to the ones of the tribe she belonged to. Choosing to just have one element. Whilst her other brothers were more diverse with their elements, whilst she stuck to one. 

It bought the three of them closer together. All sharing the same powers and abilities. They would train and practise their elements, all having a different one. Too decided that it was best to keep it from their youngest sister Jessalyn. She was too young and innocent to be brought up in this world of the unknown. In their eyes Jessalyn was the truehearted wanting to keep her safe. One night Sierra went to spend the night over at one of her friends as she normally did on a saturday night. Whilst her brothers were off going clubbing like normally whilst Jessalyn was looked after by their house Nanny. The blonde was awoken by the sound of sirens filled the streets. Her danger initiation kicked in sensing something wasn’t right. Running out of the house to her home that was a few streets away. Not caring that she was dressed in just her pajama top and shorts nothing on her feet. Finding her family home was surrounded by police and different emergency services. As she made her way past the crowd of people she saw two bodies on stretches zipped up in black body bags. Already knowing that it was her parents inside not even needing to ask. Sierra dropped to her knees, letting out a loud sobbing sound as a scream escaped her lips. Her emotions were all over the place making some nearby street lights go out in a weird electric surge caused by herself. Her whole world came crashing down that night, knowing nothing would be the same again. 

After that night the four Reigns siblings were shipped off to an Aunt and Uncle who lived in the South East of England. Sierra and her brothers investigated their parents death, speaking that it would remain between the tree of them, not speaking to Jessalyn of what really happened. Remembering their great grandfather's letters and diary entrants. Speaking of the fire people, abominations to their kind. The jealousy. It was the only explantion of who wanted to murder their parents. Choosing to tell her that a  criminal who was on the loose had broken into their house and demanded money and when their parents said no, he killed them. The only way to protect her was keeping her away from the truth. Till the time came when they knew they couldn’t keep her from tapping into her initia self when she reaches a certain age. Sierra carried on with her own educational studies along with her own studying to become master in training for her element. All proving quite difficult yet she still pursue it. Going through into university. Studying the world of architecture, her dream job. Wanting one day to be working in a big city like New York or London. 

Years later they all waited till Jessalyn had finished her studies so they could all travel the world together as there was nothing left in England for them all. Whilst her brothers wanted to go to wherever they wanted Sierra chose for them to go to places with a purpose. To find other initia tribes, being around people like them. Making connections, travelling to European and asian countries too. Travelling and seeing the world in a short amount of time. It was around that time when they decided to go and settle down at one place. Sierra heard of a city called Evermore City in Colorado, full of supernatural species. 

After she had finished school she went and left with her siblings to travel the world, instead of staying back to go to university. There was nothing left in England for the Reigns siblings anymore. Sierra had the idea of going to other countries to find other Initia tribes. To find more people like them. To make connections. As well as to see how others lived. They travelled to many European countries like Italy, France, Germany and Spain. As well as to other Asian countries like Korea and China. There was so much of the world to travel and explore. They normally tend to spend only a short few months or so in one place. Not spending too long in one place. Whilst Jessalyn had enjoyed travelling and seeing new countries, experiencing new cultures. It also made it a bit hard to train for her first Element. Having various Initia Masters over that time. Jessalyn always felt settled with a master/gotten to know them well, when it was time to move on. Frustrating her a little bit. It was to last year when her older siblings had decided to go to America. They had heard that there was an Initia tribe in a city called Evermore in Colorado. Whilst Jessalyn choose not to go with them that she wants time apart from them. They followed in with her wishes moving to another country without her but still kept in touch.

Soon after settling down in Evermore, finding her footings for inside the initia tribe. Sierra soon found herself training alongside the Electric Master with Rowan McKenzie another student. Rowan was more advanced than her by far, she knew it was because he was older. Having more years to master it. Coming as no surprise when their previous master died, he then became the master of Electric in Evermore. Sierra then learnt from him instead. Finding herself too caught up with juggling her master in training and her career on top. Too blind not to notice all the struggle and darkness going on at home. Too late to save her brother finding himself dead. Spending the next few years struggling to cope with her brothers death, pushing herself into her studies and work. Till one day he returns from the dead making her more confused by ever, learning to re adjust to things. Learning by now living in Evermore nothing was impossible and normal.

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