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Late To The Party (Lucien and Hudson)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Hudson Luca Garcia on Wednesday. 12 Replies

The last few weeks have been more like tortute for him. Along with it being very confusing too. Spending the majority of it trying to figure out how he was able to get back to his people and his sister too. Hudson could remember when he had just…Continue


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Basic Info

  • Hudson Luca Garcia

  • TBA

  • Looks: 28 Actual: 35

  • Aurazin

  • Bi-Curious

  • Empath in Training

  • Oliver Stark

  • Single


Madison Garcia - Sister

Maddie has been his best friend since day one, always been close as siblings. Finding that even whatever gets thrown their way they end up finding and being there for each other. Even after they've stayed together. Hudson's been more protective over his sister with all she's been through, wanting to protect her.

His Story

Hudson was the second born child to Sonja and Arthur Garcia. Born into a rich and well respectful family, with his father being a high up ex-Army officer and his mother one of the top lawyers in her form. A family where everybody is to succeed and be the best. The day after he was born his parents took him back home to meet his older sister, Maddison. Who was 7 years old, so intrigued by him. Already taking on the responsibility of the older sister not leaving their mothers side. She would often giggle and point at his birthmark that was a bright red thinking it looked funny. Growing up the two siblings were very close. Hudson was always cared for by his older sister, they would play for hours with each other inside and outside. Normally their mother would have to call out for them for her signal of switching the porch lights on and off for them to come in. Hudson was more the rebellious child always getting up to michif like anyone his age. Often it was just sibling bickering and rivalry but they ended up getting in trouble with their parents. He always got it worse than Maddison but his sister always covered for him saying it was her fault. Taking the fault for him.

Their parents were more strict with their father's side coming from a long line of military serving men they were kept to a strict upbringing. Hudsons family wanted for him to follow in their footsteps to be an army soldier or a lawyer. Both things that he didn’t want to do. Not wanting to be stuck living the same life as his parents wanting to do something different. With how he was different. Hudson always wanted to be a firefighter after his grandfather Steven who had recently retired. Growing up he always loved hearing the stories his grandad used to tell him, all the crazy emergencies and how they helped to save people. Hudson used to hang around his grandads fire station as a kid, always so amazed by it all knowing it was something he wanted to do.. All to his father's demise who wanted him to follow an army background. Whilst Maddison always supported his dream of being a firefighter. 

His father did the best he could trying to stir Hudson away from the dream of being a firefighter by sending him to a private school away from home. Something that Hudson hated being away from home from his sister, his friends. Hudson didn’t like the people or the teachers at the private school. When he went to high school he begged his father to transfer him to a public one but he refused to keep him there. For Hudson it was a decent hell. Finding that he was getting into more trouble on purpose. Drinking, smoking, getting into quite a lot of fights to draw the attention of his parents who were being called by the school all the time until Hudson nearly got expelled. Making Hudson get his way being able to go back home and to normal school. His father was furious at him, getting more angry than he ever has before. Soon things go bad, his father beat him up in a fit of rage, lashing out at the teen not realizing what was happening. His father said it was the last time it would happen but Hudson feared it would happen again. 

Months later their family was turned upside down with his parents arguing each day at each other. With his mother learning that his father was having an affair, sc*** his parents got a divorce. Instead of choosing to live with either of his parents he chose to go and live with his grandparents Hilda and Steven. Hudson always has been closer to his grandparents who always showed more love and support than their parents. Spending most weekends as a child at their house. During the time of his parents divorce, Maddison was already at college. Busy in med school but she always did try to come back to see him when she could. Over time they grew apart soon after his sister was dating Dane, someone new who never met. Hudson never liked him finding he had stolen his sister from him. He wasn't even invited to his sister's wedding not even knowing she was engaged until she was already wed. After a while he and his sister lost touch, with their weekly phone calls and texts being cut off. Thinking his sister wanted nothing to do with him like their parents. 

Hudson graduated from high school with high grades where he went onto college before starting his training at the firefighter academy where he went onto graduating becoming a full fledged fire sighter. Achieving his lifelong dream, making his grandfather proud of him. Hudson moved to a new and bigger city of Los Angeles where he  joined the LAFD, serving and saving the people of the city. Each birthday and christmas he would still send a card to his sister, putting his new address so his sister knew where he lived. Yet he never did hear back from her but he never lost hope. One night out of the blue his sister turned up at his doorstep, looking so broken and covered in bruises. His younger brother's protectiveness took over, able to see that his sister had been to hell. Able to gather that something bad had happened with her husband but he could see how broken she was. Choosing to wait till she was ready to open up about what happened, letting her stay at his place for as long as she wanted. Happy that his sister was back in his life and was safe now with him looking after her. 

Helping his sister have a fresh start to get her life on track, even sorting her with a new apartment. with how he had been sleeping on his sofa whilst she was getting back on her feet with him and only had a one bedroom apartment in the city. Even Hudson was able to help fix her up with a job as a 9-1-1 dispatcher officer instead of going back to her being a nurse. The two Garcia siblings always wanted to help others. Doing the best that they could to help and save others even if they couldn’t save everyone all the time. Yet they were never forgotten about. 

Hudson was stuck on a 12 hour shift at the station whilst his sister was out with her friends. He was happy that his sister was starting to be happy even seeing someone who he’d set her up with. Each time she went out he always tried to keep his phone on him if his sister needed to contact him. Hudson was able to get off shift early thinking he could meet up with his sister and her friends. On his way back he noticed something strange, stumbling across a crime scene. Seeing someone had been shot as he got closer, Hudson could see the body belonged to the man who he knew his sister was meant to be with. Panicking he looked around seeing his sister was nowhere in sight, having talked to both the police and paramedics. Getting nothing. Near the crime scene, Hudson saw a phone belonging to his sister. She was here but not anymore. 

The firefighter panicked going straight to the police trying to explain how his sister had a bad past with her ex-husband. Hudson was worried something bad might happen to his sister. Spending the next few days trying to work with the police on tracking down his sister, nearly getting himself arrested in the process. Until they got the lead of a cabin that Dante had taken to Maddison. When they got there to the cabin he could see blood everywhere but no sign of his sister. Instinctively Hudson ran outside trying to chase after the trail of blood in the snow. Hoping it would lead to his sister. Hudson was calling her name, his voice filled with panic. Fear of losing his sister. He was working with the police following the trial till they could see two figures that looked like they could be them. 

Hudson could see his sister was being attacked by her phyco ex thankful the police officer beside him shot down Dante killing him. Without a second thought,Hudson ran to his sister. Letting her fall into his arms, catching and hugging her not wanting to let her go. Whispering soothing words to her that she was safe and Dante was dead. Hudson was there for his sister, being her sister. Going with her to the hospital, even through the thepaty sessions. Part of him blamed himself for not being there for his sister, thinking he could've done more to protect her from the psycho. Hudson still could see how broken his sister was even after 2 years,he wanted to plan a surprise for her 35th birthday. Where he had organised and planned a surprise birthday holiday for them both and their grandparents. Wanting it all to be a surprise for her after all she’s been through in the last few years. 

Spending weeks planning the perfect holiday and surprise, not thinking that it would be their last day of their lives. The flight started as any normal one, both of them were on bit too many small alcoholic drinks. Celebrating early but 3 hours into the flight the plane started to shake badly. Thinking that it was just bad turbines till he knew something was wrong. Hearing people screaming the wings were on fire.  Everybody was trying to hold on for dear life, Hudson kept his grasps on his sister not letting go of her, Suddenly he felt that everything was all going so slow before the plane crashed half in an island half in the sea. The plane crash killed everybody on impact, both him and his sister had died from the explosion. A horrible death. 

Everything went black for him, going into the afterlife. Feeling that time was still going on but he was stuck, trying to find a way out but nothing but darkness. Endless void of nothingness. Not knowing how much time was passing thinking this what death was life. Life of darkness and toruture till he had seen a light appear, where he could see someone coming through offering their hand to him. When Hudson took it he could feel himself being taken away, seeing everything turning much brighter moving away from all the darkness into the light. 

Hudson was all confused for everything that had happened remembering the plane crashing,before everything turned black. Till he was taken into the light. Learning he was given another chance at life almost to be an Aurazin that his sister too had the same fate and saving as him. That he would need to carry on with his training until he was able to see and be with her. It took him some time to process it all before going on and starting his empath training in the veil. Learning how to use his new abilities, to go on missions with other senior Aurazin’s. After his training he was reunited with his sister, always finding they were going through hell and coming back the other side. 

Still he was all new to his new life, his new purpose. Hudson still wanted to help others, even if it was just to comfort someone when he was on a mission with the lost souls. There was one moment that pulled a heartstring. Hudson stumbled across an accident, seeing someone had lost their husband in an accident and was sitting on the back of the ambulance. Hudson went over and sat beside him, hearing how much the man loved his husband. All the adventures they shared in their life together. Hudson comforted him, hearing his wise words and how the two wanted to go together. Being admired by it. Hudson said how sorry he was for his loss and how he hopes he can find something good like that with how he never found love before he died. 

Hudson used his powers to project and share the memories of the man's life back to him. Of all the happy times, the adventures. Hudson let the eldey man say his last goodbyes to his husband watching what was a sad sight to see. Watching as the man who he had been speaking to died from heartbreak. It was the first loss like this he’d seen by Hudson went back to the veil remembering the man's wise words, pulling on a heartstring in a way. Soon after Hudson went to return back to the veil to go back home to find that he was locked out. With no getting back in, the Aurazin was confused as to why he couldn’t back in. Him and his mentor tried to call back home but got no response finding that they were all stuck on Earth. Hoping that they would go to the Ailward Aspects hoping for some help to get them back home

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"Hudson knew he was reckless at times or most of the time. One to jump in, rushing in like he usually does. Never thinking of the costs, always putting other people first rather than himself. Taking risks. His sister would always say he was reckless.…"
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"The Empath always liked to feel that he had a purpose. Always the one to help out put his name forwards to feel that he was doing his part. Not being the one to take a seat back and let others do all the work or take credit. From a young age he…"
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"Lucien quickly glanced around the manor one more time as people began moving out to head towards the lodge that was to be their home. Home. It was strange to still think of. All of his people who had fallen to Earth having to live together in one…"
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"He still was figuring it all out. That's what he’s been doing for the last few weeks since getting back, maybe taking more than he should have. Seeing how others had it all figured out so early on. Whilst for him he was taking things…"
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"Now he was finally able to feel relaxed now he was back with his people and sister where he belongs. Spending time trying to make sure to get himself here. Luckily for him it all worked out. Even finding himself making it back in time for the…"
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"Hudson always thought highly of Lucien seeing him a mentor. Someone who helped him a lot to begin with when he started off his empath training. Now it’s his turn to repay him somehow. Hudson knew he had more to make up for, how he was one who…"
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"Lucien reached out and placed a thankful hand on Hudson's shoulder. If ever there was an Aurazin he could've chosen from the many in the veil to have around when all the unknown and worrisome troubles began to loom over him and his kind,…"
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"It felt weird being back. Luckily for him it didn’t take him too long to wrap his head around everything. Being one of the ones who adjusted more quickly to being back on Earth, since it hadn’t been many years to him since he had died…"
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"It’s now been quite a while since they all found themselves stuck on earth. Noticing how quickly some adapted, like his sister and others who already found themselves part time jobs. Something to keep them busy and preoccupied. Whilst others…"
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""Some are doing better than others," Luke answered, grabbing a nearby chair and pulling it forward to sit across from him. He sat up rather stiffly as he normally did; Always formal despite the companion in front of him who looked like he…"
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