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Drown Your Sorrows (Miles and Svetlana)

Started 32 minutes ago 0 Replies

The sun had set hours ago. Miles was more than aware that he’d worked over but at least that means he gets overtime pay, even if the consequence is that he’s worn out with a splitting headache. The…Continue

Keeping Up Training (Open to Miles and Edward)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Miles Evans on Monday. 2 Replies

Miles has been part of the Guard for a while now and with that came new opportunities. Among those opportunities is the ability to train and spar with all different kinds of people from all different…Continue


✓ Miles Evans's Page

name.Miles Evans
marks.Guard tattoo on right shoulder
Nephilim rune on back
nicknames.None yet
age.Real: 32; Looks: 28
date of birth.November 22, 1988
occupation.Part time forensic scientist
education.Bachelor's in Forensic Science
dating status.Single
dating history.Brooke (+)
family.Amelie Evans
Jason Evans (+)
Jennifer Evans
face claim.Chris Hemsworth
Miles is known for having a strong sense of justice, one that won't allow him to just sit back and watch as people are hurt. To Miles, it has never mattered who or what you are, so long as you're a good person, he'll protect you. He's brave, refusing to back down if he knows he's in the right or if it's to protect someone, no matter the risk to himself. Miles is also known for being loyal, once you have his support you're very unlikely to lose it.

Miles can be quite proud, self assured of his own skills in a way that can get him in trouble if he's not careful. His strong sense of justice leads way to a pretty brash set of ways, leading him to leap before he thinks. He has a tendency toward aggression, preferring to negotiate by fighting over words. He can also be a bit of a flirt.

Relationships to come
When little Miles Evans was born, right at Thanksgiving, it was to a very loving and grateful family. His parents, Amelie and Jason, were
high school sweethearts and both had families that loved them dearly. As such, Miles had a strong sense of community around him
from the time that he was small, which helped when his dad had to go off for work. Amelie often commented to her family about
how similar young Miles was to his father, claiming that he inherited not only his father’s messy blonde hair but also his adventurous
and brave spirit. Jason Evans had a rather dangerous job, working as a detective in the city, and so he thought it important that his
family be able to defend themselves. That sort of training isn’t really an issue for a family of Nephilim, and so Miles was taught from a
young age how to defend himself, taking a particular interest in MMA and marksmanship. Amelie was there to ensure that he never
lost that kind spirit along the way, teaching the young Nephilim to always use his abilities for good.

Miles was 3 when his little sister Jennifer was born. The young boy took immediately to being a big brother and bragged about his
baby sister to anyone who would listen. Jennifer was a constant presence at Miles’s side and, though Miles was 3 years older, he
never seemed to mind her tagging along with him, even as he grew older and had friends who didn’t want a little girl tagging along.
Miles was always good in school, but it seemed like he was in trouble a fair amount despite his good grades, his strong sense
of right and wrong leading him to get into a number of fights. If he saw someone getting bullied he’d step in, and he never cared
about the consequences of that. His parents were proud that he was standing up for others, but they also knew that he couldn’t just
keep getting into fights, or else his grades would start to suffer. Thankfully as he got older he got into fewer fights, using his fists less
and his words more in order to protect people.

By the time Miles was 15 he was truly coming into his own. Among the top of his class and on the soccer team, his life was good. Then,
one night, his father was killed on the job. Some local gangster who he’d help to bust had gotten out of jail and attacked him. Jason
managed to take him down, but not before taking a fatal wound himself. For the first time in his life, Miles wasn’t sure what to do
. He wanted revenge but there was no one to get revenge on. While he didn’t grow violent, his grades began to suffer as he just
couldn’t focus on classes, after all what are some grades in the face of loss such as that? In the end, it was his family needing him
that got him back on track. He saw the impact his father’s death had on not only him, but his mother and his sister as well, and he
knew he had to get it together for their sake at least. He refocused his efforts in school, taking on several math and science
electives, and he made sure he was able to be there for Jennifer and his mother.

Miles graduated early and went straight into his chemical engineering degree. It was while studying there that Miles truly began to
see the injustice of the world. He was told far too many stories of others his age being attacked. Stories of people being targeted
just because of who they are or what they look like. He knew he had to do something else to help people when one of his good
friends at college was attacked. Miles was told about the murder the next day and a week later he had changed his major over to
forensic science. He’d come to realize that he couldn’t defend people purely by trying to fight their battles, he had to try and
catch the people behind it so they wouldn’t hurt anyone else while he wasn’t around.

Through college Miles remained close with his family, visiting his mother and sister regularly and staying up to date on their lives.
Jennifer planned on going into healthcare and he was proud of his sister, their mother also quite proud of the people they had
become. It was on one of these trips home that Miles introduced them to Brooke. She was a girl in the same classes he was and the
two had grown close while working on a project. Immediately they knew something was different. Miles had been in relationships
before, but he’d never seemed serious about any of them until now. Brooke was a kind girl, with a similar sense of justice as Miles
and the young woman immediately hit it off with Miles’s family, quickly becoming a part of the family. She didn’t have much family to
speak of, so the love and closeness among the Evans was appealing to Brooke. Miles waited until they graduated to propose to her.

While planning their wedding Miles got a good job at the same district that his father had worked in previously, Brooke taking a job
in the district over. It was there that her family found her and the truth came out. Her family was small, but strict, most of them
caught up in illegal activity. Brooke had gone to college in a different state to try and get out of that life, but those people will never
let one of their own betray them without retribution. She found out quickly that her cousin had found her and raced home to Miles,
hoping to protect them both and get them away from her new family. Unfortunately, they had beaten her home. When Miles got back
home he found his fiancee tied to a chair, with a few strangers around her. With the situation as bad as it was, Miles knew he had
little chance of fighting them off without Brooke getting hurt as well. He tried to reason with them, but that night ended in tragedy.
Miles ended up in the hospital for a week, recovering from his wounds. His family buried Brooke.

After that Miles wasn’t sure what to do. He hadn’t been able to protect his father and now he couldn’t even protect his fiancee.
After recovering Miles started spending time at a local bar, trying to drown at least some of his grief away while the police
attempted to track down the people who had done this. It was during one of these benders that Miles was approached by
someone. He said his name was Aureus Ailward, and he told Miles about the mission the Ailwards spearheaded. Miles was
curious of course, he found that he liked the information Aureus had given him, but he had something else he had to take care of
first, and it wasn’t too long before news reached him of the people who had murdered his fiancee. Miles immediately left to confront
them, getting there just a short time after the police. It was only the presence of some of his father’s old friends that kept him
from attacking the ones who had so brutally killed Brooke when the police dragged them from the house, the older Nephilim
restraining Miles while they were carried away. Miles was at every trial, including the ones where he didn’t have to testify, and
nothing had ever pleased him so much as hearing the guilty verdict that would make sure those scum never harmed anyone else
again. However Miles knew that he couldn’t just hang around that sleepy little town anymore. He loved his family, but the memories
there were just too much for him. Thankfully his family understood.

From there, Miles followed Aureus’s directions and arrived at the Isle of Skye. He was fairly certain that the barrier would let him in
and, sure enough, he stepped through with no problem. He spent several years with the Guard and found worth in his new task,
travelling on missions, even going with them to Evermore. He was there when the comet hit, granting him his wings and
freezing him forever at 28. He was also with the Ailwards when they made a base in Evermore and he felt the same pain as everyone
else as their home, the Isle of Skye, was destroyed. Needing to somehow be useful after that Miles took a part time job with his
experience as a forensic scientist, ensuring that he could be there to help as many people as he could.

Currently accepting RPs. Please PC or inbox me to plot.

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Soul Searching - Olivia Ramsay - Replied

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oh, yeah, for sure :p

not to worry your secret is safe with me evans xD

- liv

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hello mr. evans, i come baring a gift for you :) 

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Thanks for the add, I hope we can roleplay soon,

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Drown Your Sorrows (Miles and Svetlana)

The sun had set hours ago. Miles was more than aware that he’d worked over but at least that means he gets overtime pay, even if the consequence is that he’s worn out with a splitting headache. The work needed to get done but what he’d initially intended as a good distraction today had turned out to be anything but. Detectives are working a home invasion gone wrong and it’s Miles’s job to run prints and any DNA they got from the scene to nail the perpetrator. Naturally nothing is ever that easy…See More
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"oh, yeah, for sure :p not to worry your secret is safe with me evans xD - liv"

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"Overall Miles had a good childhood. He's well aware of that fact. Sure he went through his share of pain like anyone else but he had a loving family and community around him to help him through, as well as people who relied on him that forced…"

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"hello mr. evans, i come baring a gift for you :)  let's go on a little adventure oh! and no procrastinating :p (kidding) - Liv x"

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"One of the benefits of being in here before this class started is that Miles has been able to watch everyone come in. This is one of the reasons he likes these sort of classes, he doesn't doubt that he probably wouldn't have had to…"

Ailward Guard
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"Edward walking into the training centre as he placed his jacket in a locker   turning his head as he turned his head as  his name was called saying he should attend the sparing session  he nodded in return " may do …"

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Keeping Up Training (Open to Miles and Edward)

Miles has been part of the Guard for a while now and with that came new opportunities. Among those opportunities is the ability to train and spar with all different kinds of people from all different factions, something he hadn’t had the ability to do before joining. In his old community he’d mostly practiced sparring with humans and other Nephilim and adapting to the challenge of fighting those of different ages and skill sets than him was a challenge he’d taken to immediately. In this…See More

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