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Misson Times (Edward and Damien)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Edward Starhawk Feb 10, 2023. 7 Replies

It’s been a few tough years for everyone, some more than others. All of them have been put through their paces and challenges.  He’s been spending the last year trying to figure out what happened…Continue

Stuck With Each Other (Malva and Damien)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Malva Ailward Jul 30, 2019. 5 Replies

A few weeks have passed since he was first assigned to be the new personal guard to Malva Ailward. A position that was held by Tatiana for many years till recently when she took some time away from…Continue



Basic Info

  • Damien Verlac

  • TBA

  • Looks: 27 Actual: 78

  • Ailward Guard - Valkyr

  • Bisexual

  • Evermore - Ailward Guard Commander

  • Michael Vlamis

  • Single


Arwyn Valkyrie - Ex- Boyfriend

Damien had met Arwyn whilst he was going undercover for a mission. Gaining feelings in the short amount of time, bringing out a side of Arwyn was hiding and never wanted to admit. Corrupting the young adult, Arwyn made Damien grow softer, Yet all good things came to and end after Arwyn's mother and uncle were murdered by a Valkyr. Damien was pushed away, choosing to follow in Arwyn's wishes leaving. Never getting the chance to fully explain how he was different to others of his kind. Yet his mind often wondered what of could been

Malva Ailward

Malva was the one who found him when Damien was struggling coming to terms with being a Valkyr. Giving him a second chance,Inviting and brining him to the Ailward guard. His mentor and friend and now Damien is her personal bodyguard. Damien knows he'll have his hands full trying to protect the Aspect of Magic. She'll be the death of him

His Story

Damien was born to into a family that never wanted to have children in the first place. Him being the accidental problem that was never meant to be. Soon after he was born Damien was given up, put into a foster care. All planned out. Abandoned straight after birth like other unwanted babies were taken. Yet his parents at least felt the need to name him at least. He deserved that at least. Choosing the name Damien Verlac, a strong name. In hopes that someone would adopt him but it never did. Damien spent the majority of his life in and out of different foster homes. Going onto the next one when one kicks him out. Giving up on the hope that he would be adopted. Damien acted out, suffering from anger issues. All built up from hs crappy childhood. It was a reason why he was never adopted because of his bad reputation. Maybe Damien did it on purpose just the easier way round. Always preferring to keep to himself. Family was something he never wanted because he knew nobody wanted him. Just like how his family never wanted him.

At the age of 16 choose to leave the foster care system. Being grated emancipation so easily, knowing it was that they were eager to get rid of him. Jumping at the chance of him leaving. Damien had no clue what he wanted to do or where to go after leaving the foster home. With no money to his name he lived out of his truck. The one he had bought from the only money his parents had given him when they left him at the orphanage. It wasn’t much, only enough to buy a beaten up truck. Damien spent countless hours fixing up the truck so it was could run with no troubles. Finding what he was good at, fixing up cars. Easily able to repair a engine of a car rather than any other job. Damien did good at school considering how many ones he changed to. Weeks after leaving the foster system he managed to get a job at the local scrap yard that fixed up cars too. Part of the job entitles him to stay on site to live in. Scoring a place to stay.

Living a simple life. One that he prefered not knowing soon his life was about to change for the worse. Damien was out drinking one night with people after work. Stumbling out of a bar early hours of the morning. Choosing to take a shortcut back the scrap yard, to be jumped suddenly. It was a 4 on 1 fight. A mugging gone wrong as Damien thought back. All he could trying to defend himself. It didn’t help that he was still a lot tipsy from all of the alcohol he had consumed. It wasn’t a fair fight, thinking that he’d had a chance to escape. Damien felt an immense pain, taking the breath out of him. Looking down to see a blade right there in his stomach. Punching a main archery. Falling to the ground, loosing his balance. He tried putting his hands on the wound but it was no use. Losing consciousness, slipping into darkness.

Damien thought that it was it, the end for him. Dying with having no purpose in life. Never finding it before. The endless darkness was turning light. Remembering waking up in the alleyway where he had died but he wasn’t dead. Damien was alive again. Opening his eyes he lifted up his shirt remembering what had happened. Expecting a gaping stab wound but there was nothing there, yet his clothes were soaked with blood. Damien was sure that he was dead, very much sure of it but he was alive? The burning sensation in his throat over took all his feelings. The thirst was unbearable like his throat was raw. Still wrapping his head around everything Damien never noticed someone walking along the alleyway. What happened in the next few moments was something he had no control over. His hunger taking over. Damien found himself attacking the woman, like someone was taking over his body. Biting into the woman’s neck draining her of all her blood. Killing her instantly.

The thirst was not so intense anymore, draining of all her blood did the jub. Damien was in disbelief of his actions not knowing what was happening. What he was. Seeing his reflection in a broken phone screen that was lying on the floor. All Damien could see was a monster, looking back to him as his reflection. After everything that had happened, Damien went of the rails. Going off the grid in total. Cutting all forms of communication from his past life not wanting to put others at risk. Spending the next few decades off the rails. Heading down a dark path he had no clue to get out of. Choosing to live in the shadows, still figuring out and come to terms what he was. Having to figure out what the hell was going on with him. Living on blood rather than food, along with new found abilities.

He was ghost of the person he once was. A monster. That's all he saw himself as. Only way to survive was to live on blood. Damien didn’t like killing people but had no other choice. One night on his haunt whilst mid draining to feel himself being thrown off the person who he was draining. Damien felt himself being trapped by an invisible force. Not knowing what it was till he saw a woman standing there. Putting him down all most. Hearing the woman’s threat. She knew clearly of what she’d had just witness almost used to putting stop to people like him. Damien gave the brunette a look of desperation, begging her to end it. To put a stop to him, to kill him almost. He didn’t want to live like this anymore wanting just to die. Like he always should of all those years ago.

Closing his eyes Damien was almost waiting for it to happen but it never did. Instead the woman gave him a chance. To change his life around. Giving Damien another chance at life, a better one. Explaining that she could help him as long as he follows strict rules. Not to kill was the top one, to help keep peace. And to protect. Learning soon who she was. Malva Ailward. Damien joined the Ailward Guard, being given a second chance to turn his life around. Finally he was able to back to the person who he was before everything that happened or was a better person in fact. To be surrounded by a group of people who accepted him. No longer the outsider seeking acceptance. Already felt like he was accepted once in his life.

Damien spent years serving the guard. Going on and carrying out different missions. Assigned on different tasks. One of them was to go to the state of Nevada. To keep tabs of all happening. Having been sent reports of strange activity. Mostly by Valkyr;s so Damien was assigned to go and keep tabs. To report back anything he could to aid in what he could. Setting up a life in Nevada. Trying to blend in like an normal person. Going in undercover. A skill he had picked up whilst training in the guard. Damien never expected to meet someone there. Someone who changed his whole prospective. Meeting a 19 year old Arwyn Valkyrie, Damien brought out another side of him. Forming a friendship that turned into something more. Damien almost forgetting his mission the reason why he was in Nevada in the first place. Too distracted.

He followed through with his guard duties killing the group of rouge Valkyr’s but was too late to do anything about it beforehand. Learning both of Arwyn’s mother and Uncle was murdered by the same group of rouge Valkyr’s. Damien saw after their deaths a change in Arwyn. Seeing the young and innocent boy was gone. Taking down a dark park that Damien knew too well of. When they had met again Arwyn pushed him away, calling off whatever they had going on. Telling him how he couldn’t stand to look at him because Damien was a Valykr. Thinking and believing that he was same as them. Damien choose to take off leaving Arwyn behind. Having no reason to stay knowing he wasn’t wanted there anymore. That and his duties were back at the Isle of Skye, fulfilling his mission. Damien never did get the chance to fully explain himself. To explain how he was different what his acurall job was, how he was different to those who killed his family. Damien wondered if he’d ever get the chance to.

The next 7 years passed quickly for Damien. Yet suffering heartbreak along the line. Being there as the Isle of Skye was destroyed. Watching as place he called home for many years was no more. Barely making it out like many others, losing those he considered family. The guards who weren’t able to make it out in time. Damien followed everyone else moving to Evermore city. Yet he couldn’t feel weary about it all, that something wasn’t right about the city. Damien recently got promoted as Malva Ailward’s own personal bodyguard with Tatiana stepped down, he took the mantle. He was someone who Malva could trust, since joining the guard she had been his mentor now he returning the favour as her protector.

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✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon left a comment for ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~
"Happy Birthday, you pain in the backside xD Here's something to toast you turning another year older. Don't drink it all in one go."
Mar 25, 2023

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon's discussion Old Ties Of Friendship (Artemitra + Damien)
"“It’s one of my traits” He teased back. Finding she was an easy target to confuse even when he was drunk he was still able to mess with her. Damien was happy to see her smile again not seeing it in a long time. He’s missed…"
Mar 12, 2023

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~'s discussion Misson Times (Edward and Damien)
"Edward nodded as he  turned the signal to  change  lanes as he waited  for the traffic allowed him to move “well tell me the directions I will get us there but there better be a drive through”  he tried to look…"
Feb 10, 2023

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Edward Starhawk's discussion Game of Cat and mouse ( Open to Edward ,Sapphire , Lucien Venetus and Dom and any guard and aspect that wants to join
"Damien was just finishing up for the night at the ‘Pleasure House’ handing the job of being one behind the desk to the next employee next in. The Valkyr had been helping out his good friend Nadiya by looking after her business whilst she…"
Feb 7, 2023

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~'s discussion Misson Times (Edward and Damien)
"Damien raised his brows seeing how prepared Edward was. It almost reminded me of his days when first joining the guard like any other new recruit. Wanting nothing other than to be prepared. Never knowing what they may encounter. For himself he…"
Feb 6, 2023

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ added a discussion to the group Eternal City RP Original Characters

Ronan Winters

Name: Ronan Winters  Age: 30 (Looks) 34 (Real) Species: Ailward Guard -  Dhamapir (Weapon Affinity : Sky blue | Weapons : Bo Staff that breaks into batons ) Rank: Guard Faceclaim: Kieron Moore| Heroic | Quick thinking | Impartial |  Doesn't trust easily | Emotionally detached |“Other things may change  but we start…See More
Jan 12, 2023

Ailward Guard
✓ Edward Starhawk replied to ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~'s discussion Misson Times (Edward and Damien)
"Edward smirked as he opened his jacket” Glock, batons times two, and throwing stars” he patted his jacket as he looked to Damien” look no axe the breeze reminded him of the nights in Malta on guard duty” almost ready for…"
Dec 1, 2022

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~'s discussion Misson Times (Edward and Damien)
"The Valkyr always tried his best to include everyone where he could. Before becoming commander he’d never been the best at book work so to speak. He was used to jotting things on scraps of paper then ending up losing them.  Never having…"
Nov 23, 2022

Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli left a comment for ✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~
"Hey Damien, I sent you a message and don't know if you got it. Hope to hear from you soon."
Nov 16, 2022

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro's discussion Pain's A Poisonous Pleasure. (Damien + Leona)
"“I’ll be making sure to hold you to that… crazy or not right now we never know with you. We all know that you are different from the rest, one of a kind” He smirked back to her pointing out what easily might happen. The…"
Jan 9, 2022

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon's discussion Old Ties Of Friendship (Artemitra + Damien)
"Damien watched looking amused seeing Artemis’s reaction to him asking for her to stop by the Nadiya’s pleasure house without her knowing the context or the reason why. He was having fun seeing her freak out a little after he said it,…"
Sep 20, 2021

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro's discussion Pain's A Poisonous Pleasure. (Damien + Leona)
"Back in the old days Leona was a headache to say the least to the Ailwards, mostly to him. With how in the end he’d always find himself to be the one landed to deal with all of the problems that had arrises from the former Phoenix. Mostly back…"
Aug 19, 2021

Ailward Guard
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"Damien Verlac - 29th July"
Jul 29, 2021

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Summer Activity Check

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Jul 29, 2021

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon's discussion Old Ties Of Friendship (Artemitra + Damien)
"Trouble was something that meant the opposite for people like them. In a way it was a good thing. An occurrence that happened so often was normal. That trouble followed any of them wherever they went. Whether it be supernatural or just people…"
Jul 29, 2021

Ailward Guard
✓ Damien Verlac ~Admin~ replied to ✓ Leona Vivaldi d'Fierro's discussion Pain's A Poisonous Pleasure. (Damien + Leona)
"Without admitting it maybe there was a small part of him that missed the old fire bird. Although saying that he hadn’t missed the headache that she’d given him. All of the running back and being the inbetween whenever she’d caused…"
Jun 10, 2021

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At 13:54 on March 25, 2023,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

Happy Birthday, you pain in the backside xD

Here's something to toast you turning another year older. Don't drink it all in one go.

At 21:10 on November 16, 2022,
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Hey Damien, I sent you a message and don't know if you got it. Hope to hear from you soon.

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I did the thing.

Your drunken night

ARCHIVED BLOG | Lily collins, Lilly collins, Collins

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I can explain, I swear.

In the meantime, a little help would be greatly appreciated.

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