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✓ Hana Sae's Page

Banner Credits: Sariah <3

NAME: Hana Sae
(새하준) NICKNAMES: Hana Banana (ONLY Miyaza)
AGE: 25 || (Korean Age:) 26
GENDER: Female
Species: Human
HAIR: Dark Brown (Natural)
EYES: Dark Brown
HEIGHT: 5'3 (177 cm) WEIGHT: 48kg (105 lbs)
BUILD: Athletic
SEXUALITY: Bicurious
OCCUPATION: College student and working for Thaddeus
CURRENT RESIDENCE: In and around the City, Evermore, Colorado
PARENTS: Jae-Geun Sae (Father) and Soo-min Sae (Mother)
SIBLINGS: Younger brother - Ha-joon Sae

Pros: Charismatic, Responsible, Sophisticated, and Youthful

Cons: Naive, Repentant, Stubborn, Self-centered and Silver-tongue 



The Good -  (Details will come later)

The Bad -  (Details Will Come Later)

The Decision -  TBA

Stay tuned, it's gonna be a bumpy ride. 



In the year of 1991, a baby girl was born to the Sae family. From the moment Hana Sae came into the world kicking and screaming, her parents noticed how beautiful she was. Hana took after her mother, who's beauty radiated for miles away, while she had her fathers smile, and doe eyes. It was the beginning of the Sae families happy ever after. Hana however, had began making frequent visits to the hospital. Hana was born with an illness called RSV (Respiratory syncytial virus) a common respiratory virus that usually causes mild, cold-like symptoms. Most people recover in a week or two, but RSV can be serious, especially for infants and older adults. In fact, RSV is the most common cause of bronchiolitis (inflammation of the small airways in the lung) and pneumonia (infection of the lungs) in children younger than 1 year of age in the United States. It is also a significant cause of respiratory illness in older adults. Hana's life had began on a rough note, but she showed resilience. At just the tender age of two years old, young Hana knew the hospital like the back of her hand, and began to grow irritable and restless within the confines of the hospital rooms she slumbered in each time she got sick enough to be admitted. Regardless of Hana's illness, she grew up proving to be bright and supportive, a girl who refused to let the world see that something was wrong with her. In the year of 1994, Hana was three years old, attending nursing school when she recieved the news that she was going to be an older sister. At the time, Hana just giggled at her parents and carried on twirling her hair. She thought they were joking. That was until Febuary the 18th. When Hana was brougt to the hospital, her emotions ran wild just to be the little girl she was as she saw her mother in the hospital bed, holding her baby brother in her arms. "See Hana? You're a noona", her father told her. Hana regretted right then ever thinking it was a joke as she came closer to the bed, and saw her baby brother crying. From that moment forward, Hana had made a personal vow to herself, that she would never again take anything concerning her brother as a joke. She swore she would protect him from the world, and the people in it should they ever pose a threat to her baby brother. Hana's beautiful doe eyes watched him, and even in spite of her having the biggest smile on her face, she began to cry. Her mother became confused to the sudden waterworks, but when her brother smiled at her, a name came to Hana. “Emmoa, what about Ha-Joon. Bright smile like the sun a new summer.” Hana's parents looked to one another in awe, smiling and nodding in agreement. “ That’s a perfect name, Hana. Welcome to the world Sae Ha-Joon.” From that moment on, Hana helped her mother take care of Ha-joon, letting him know she was always there. One day, Hana's parents were in a hurry, and needed to be somewhere quickly. Being as young as she was, Hana didnt pay any mind to it, and agreed to watch Ha-joon. She was oblivious to the fact that every time her parents left, they were meeting with members of the Triad, doing illegal and shady deals to keep Hana and Ha-joon from the same fate that their sibling before them had recieved. Another mystery the Sae siblings would learn in their future. But, Hana had only been four years old the first time she was left to watch Ha-joon on her own. She knew it would be hard work, but the kids in her area had grown up disciplined and responsible from the moment they learned to walk, much like Hana herself. Hana stayed quiet that whole day, hoping that everyone on the outside of their home, would just assume no one was home. What would a four year old do, should someone intrude? "Ha-joon, what to do?" she asked, smiling down at her baby brother. Hana ended up looking after him until he fell asleep later that night. After that night, Hana watched her mother tend to Ha-joon, every little detail, so that she could take care of her brother properly from now on, when her parents were scheduled to rush off in a hurry. And every day, after a long days work, Hana's father would carry her to bed, engraving things into her head for her to remember at just a tender age, about how she would have to take after the family name, and soon enough, making her the golden child of the family, which added extra weight on young Hana. Hana's father however, nevet let it go unnoticed how remmarkable of a sister she was to Ha-joon, and sometimes, her parents had even rewarded her for it. Hana's parents spent their light nights talking about how good of a mother Hana would be in her future, and how she would wed the perfect man, and that she would be just like her mother. Hana had been in school for a few years, leaving Ha-joon home without her to care for him, when the time finally came for him to start school too. Hana was never good at school, and she often wondered how her brother was doing due to the school bullies who found an easy way to put a target on him and make fun of him. As the two of them aged, Hana sat back watching from a distance, proud of her brother who began fighting those ssame bullies off, with the help of a few of his classmates he had befiended. Hana had became a social butterfly in hr own school, and had made lots of new friends. Her and Ha-joon barely saw their parents anymore. And by this time, Hana's father had been sending a trainer over, a man who trained Hana and pushed her beyond her limits to get her ready for what was truly out there in the world waiting for her and Ha-joon. Not only would they have to deal with the Triad, heart breaking truths from their parents, and other shady lies that would pile up and cause a strain on the Sae siblings, but they would also encounter the supernatural. The trainer her father had hired, made sure Hana knew every thing there was to know about the supernaturals. And he had even gave Hana a small history on the Triad, that she had no clue her parents were in debt with. The days had became a drag for Hana, and she eventually began to resent her father. He cottled her, spoiled her, but also pushed her. He had left all the secrets on her shoulders, and made it her responsibility to never tell her brother. "Don't tell him Hana, you know the consequences of that. Don't you want to protect your brother?" Her father would ask, causing Hana to feel as though she was a bad sister for wanting to tell him the truth even in spite of there being consequences if she did. But, Hana decided not to ever say anything. When Hana turned sixteen years old and entered high school, she gave her brother a hug, holding him in a tight embrace "You don't need me anymore Joonie" she said, leaving with a smile on her face, making sure not to wake him so she could get away before he saw her. Ha-joon was older now, and much more brave, and smart. He was his own person, and Hana had to let him be just that. Hana's highschool years added even more pressure to her plate though. Her parents began to pressure her about marriage. And Hana knew she would have to marry someone respectable. It had always been her fathers rule. Hana was the most beautiful girl in her whole school, so she was noticed all year lond, she stood out more than any of the females in her school. Which was both a blessing, and a curse. Girls would ask Hana about the skin products she used, telling her that her face simply glowed, and they wanted theirs to do the same. But, it was nothing chemical that Hana had ever used. It was more so a mixture of water and steam that she used to keep herself from being overly conjested because of her illness. Out of fear, Hana never told anyone about her illness, thinking they would look at her different for it. Many boys confssed to Hana, but she rejected each and every one of them. She knew most of them were after her because of her looks, or others, because their parents were pressuring them about wedding a beautiful girl. The same kind of pressure Hana got at home from her own parents. But, Hana had made a silent vow to herself that day she agreed to her fathers arrangements; that she would never fall in love until it felt right. She wanted to fall for someone who could love her for who she is, not for what she has, and what she can give their family name. Hana's father had continued applying the pressure though. She was shocked to hear him suggest she get a move on with getting herself a boyfriend. Explaining to her that the oldest took all the responsibility, including their love lives. There was something Hana didn't want to tell him. She wasn't even interested in dating, let alone marrying someone. Without knowing, Ha-joon came home one evening with a girl hooked to his arm. Her baby brother had went out and got a girlfriend, before Hana had even found an interest in anyone. But, like a good sister should, Hana wished him well, and told him how happy she was for him, meanwhile, having her father in her ear, yelling at her constantly about how Ha-joon managed to get a girlfriend, and Hana had not yet even started looking for someone to marry. Her father simply told her "If you don't obide by the family rules, we will have no choice but to throw you out of the house" his words were mean, and broke her heart. Where did the man go who used to carry her to bed? It had all began to make sense in her head though, when a boy at school told Hana about the deal her parents made with his parents. The boys parents were with the Triad members that Hana's parents were in trouble with, and if Hana married him, they would call off the debt that Hana and Ha-joon's parents got themselves in. All of this on her plate, distracted Hana from what mattered most to her, which were her studies, and her CSAT was also coming up. To pass it, would have meant her future aligning it's self after all, a chance to start community college was one in a lifetime, and Hana couldn't let her aprents down. Not about this. Hana had barely passed her test, while her friends who made remarkable scores, went out for karaoke and sojo that night. Hana figured the biggest part of her stress was gone now. It was time for Hana to finally figure out what she wanted to do with her life. But this was also the time she noticed someone watching her from the shadows. All of the training the man her father had hired him for, all the things Hana had learned about the supernatural, were all about to become true for her within the blink of an eye, putting her knowledge to the test. The night was still pretty young when Hana ended up getting drunk with her friends at a house party. Hana's friends wanted to walk her home, with the knowledge that someone had been watching her, but Hana being independent as she was, told them to go ahead, and that she would be fine. She knew if she couldn't walk herself, that she could at least catch a cab. That was the first night Hana Sae realized that humans lived among Supernaturals. That everything her father told her seemed impossible, yet it was true. As Hana stagger home drunkly through the streets of Gwangu, feeling eyes on her even if she wasn't in the right state of mind. But, she laughed, thinking it ay of been one of her friends pulling a prank, or following her to make sure she got home safely. Hana turned around smirking "Hey! you're not that clever you know?! I might be drunk, but i'm not dumb." she called out, laughing and waiting for one of her friends to come out, to beg her to change her mind and let them walk her on home. Something didn't sit well with Hana though, the moment she didn't see anyone come out of hiding. This definitely wasn't her friends. Goosebumps consumed her flesh, realizing this could be more dangerous than she had ever imagined. "Hello?" she called out once, trembling in fear "Whoever you are, stop following me!" she added, yelling out. But, the sound of someone walking right behind her, ceased the moment she spun around. Hana figured she'd gotten through to herfollower, as she heard footsteps running away from the direction she was walking in. She didn't want to die. "Anyone here? PLEASE. SOMEONE HELP ME!" she called out again in a tone of desperation. Hana screamed to the top of her lungs, tripping over someones steps as she ran through a yard, holding her knee as she scraped it. She cried out, and turned her head, only to see a tall dark figure standing there looking at her. "Get away from me!" she yelled at whoever it was, flailing, fearful that she may get hurt. She screamed again, as the tall figure walked closer to her, something shiny and silver just behind the person. It was as the tall dark figure crumbled to the ground, that Hana realized someone was there to save her. The shiny silver object she had saw, was held by a female who was part of a special unit in her hometwon. People who took down bad guys supernatural or not. They didn't care, they took them all. "Well well. Look at what we have here. Attack on the innocent. Careless of you to get out, knowing what you did" the female's voice rang out from the darkness, as Hana picked herself up off the ground. She backed away, still frightened by him and wondered why he was even after her in the first place. A moment or two of silence made Hana question whether to run away and call the police, or run away and never speak of it. "You're fine miss. Everything is under control" the same female voice said. Hana observed her as she finally stepped into the light. A slender female, wearing all black except for her white watch along with gold and silver bracelets lining the whole length of her arms. Her hair swayed down her back, and reach her butt, beautiful raven colored hair, with full lips as nude as lipstick painted on them. "You must be scared out of your mind. My team was trying to stop him before he got to you. That's a mole. The Triad uses him to 'send a message'." the Female said, showing fear in her own eyes for Hana. Hana was horrified. "Thank you for saving me. I must find a way to repay you" she said kindly. The other female scanned Hana with her bright emerald colored optics. "You can repay me by being more careful and not walking these streets alone when you're drunk. Never walk them alone period in the night time. You seem to have a messenger after you, and that's not the best news" she explained. Hana looked to her hero, and then back out into the darkness. "Who was he exactly? Why would he come after me?' she asked frantically, in that moment only thinking about Ha-joon and how she could keephim safe from the same thing happening to him. "The only reason he should be after you, is if you, or a family member are in trouble with one of the most vicious groups around here. And, unfortunately for you. That one happens to be a supernatural. Damn Diviner. He's wanted by my team's bosses. He killed someone using his powers. He's knowing for using dark magic on his victims." Hana began to shake from the inside out, until the words effected her so much that she couldn't breathe. Her lungs gave out on her almost, and the woman next to her, got her a cab home after making sure she was okay. Hana had began breathing into her inhaler, trying to calm herself before she got home. The woman who saved her, made her promise to not tell anyone about this, to let her handle it for Hana and not to even tell her own family about it. She had told Hana that it could possibly be her parents causing this threat. Hana now worried for Ha-joon more than ever. But, the news had shaken her up so bad, that it slowly began eating away at her. The changes in her behavior became visible to her parents, and even Ha-joon. Hana waited almost a month before she had finally mentioned it to someone. It was the morning Ha-joon had left for school, when Hana brought it all up to her parents. And, it had turned out that they knew what would happen all along, and had never even tried to so much prepare or warn her and Ha-joon about it. With that, Hana demanded answers, and with much reluctance, her father gave them to her, but forbid her to include her baby brother in all of this mess. They told her it was the only way tokeep him safe. And the desperation Hana felt to keep Ha-joon safe, made her listen to her parents, and she never spoke of it to Ha-joon. Her parents betrayed her trust however, and from then on, she kept them at arms length. It had changed Hana's view point on everyone. Being part of the people who lied to Ha-joon, had never sat well with Hana. If anything, she felt that she was betraying him as much as their parents had betrayed both of the,. Ever since the attack, Hana became more careful of the company she kept, decisions she made, and who she trusted. Being the oldest, and now out of highschool, Hana felt the pressure of everything her parents wanted her to do heighten. She knew marriage had to happen next in her life. But, how could she even think about that now? Hana wanted to land a good paying job, and to make her family proud as the older sibling. Sometimes she wished Ha-joon could have been the oldest, but the logical part of Hana's brain knew that wasn't how life worked. When the subject of college finally came about, Hana spent that entire night talking it over with her parents, telling them where she wanted to go. A notification had rung her email notifications "Evermore college wants you". What a typical subject, Hana thought as she opened it, and began reading it. Most Korean's go to other countries, to study abroad, but with Hana's illness, she wasn't sure her parents would allow her to. Deep down, Hana didn't know how to reply to the email since it would take her away from her family, friends, and sending her to a city where even more supernaturals lurked, and possibly even those who were now seeking Hana and Ha-joon for the mistakes their parents had made with the Triad. She pushed the email off, but didn't delete it. As three years from her graduation snuck right on by her, Hana began working at a convenience store as a cashier. It seemed like only yesterday she had just finished school. And, it wouldn't be long from now that her brother graduated. The Sae siblings would finally both be adults, and able to live their own lives, and with little hope, they tried not to disappoint the wishes of their parents. But, that didn't last very long. Ha-joon had brought the family together, which surprised Hana, but he wanted to go to America just as much as Hana did to study. After another night of her parnets discussing it amongst themselves, they brougt their children together one last time for a family dinner. "WE think it's time for a new change" their mother said, as their father looked to Hana, as if he wanted to say so much in that moment. "We have agreed to let you both go. But, Ha-joon, you can be excused now. We need to talk to your sister" Hana couldn't help but feel angry. "Why can't he be here? he has every right to hear whatever it is you both wanna say to me" she barked out at them bitterly. But, Hana could see her fathers face turning red as he became angry, and their father was a force to be reckoned with, so Hana gave Ha-joon a sad smile and a dismissive nod so he would walk away. Hana knew what was coming deep down. More secrets to hide from her brother. "We want you and your brother to have a better life. Your mother cannot travel though, she has an illness..." Hana interrupted, "That's not true. I know you're both in trouble. Please, don't lie to me" she pleaded. Her father hung his head low, and spent the next hour explainin to Hana that they had no choice but to leave, that if they stayed, the Triad would eventually hunt them down and kill them. But,, her father had a proposal to make first."even with that however, the only way we're allowing you both to move and study in America, is if you sign a written up contract, that you'll marry a well respected Korean boy by the age of 27". Hana frowned. There he went again, deciding her futrue for her. But, anything to get away from Korea. The deal struck not even five minutes later. Hana had agreed to sacrifice her love life for the sake of her and Ha-joon's futures. When moving day came, the Sae siblings went to the airport together, awaiting the arribal of their parents so they could say goodbye. The goodbyes exchanged between Hana and her parents had been a bittersweet one. Hana knew now that she had to protect Ha-joon, that she was the only one who would or could, and she had to make sure he made the right decisionns in his life. So with that, Hana began hovering, and resorting back to her old ways with Ha-joon, becoming the sister-mother type who constantly hovered and often times, treated her brother like a child. Upon arriving to the city, Hana recieved a text from their father. An address appeared, which led to a house their parents had bought for them. Hana's eyes lit up as she saw the city they woujld be living in, and quickly thought back to the email she got from the college there. Much to her relief, she still had it, and quickly sent an email back to accept their offer. A pop up on her phone however, startled the young human before the tv's in the airport began playing out loud. Breaking news flashed across the screens about a meteor hitting the city they were moving to. Hana's dark brown hues filled with tears as Ha-joon sat beside her choked up. Both of them held each others hand, "Noone are you seeing this?" her baby brother asked, riddled by fear. Hana nodded at him, and comforted her brother the best she could as she turned a shade paler than her usual complexion to see all the damage done to the city that was meant to become their new home. "How can this happen?" Hana asked with her eyes still glued to the screen. During the time of the rebuilding, Hana got her and Ha-joon an apartment, waiting for their journey in Evermore to finally start, and a little sad that the house their father had bought them, got destroyed by the meteor. Hana was happy though, just to know she'd successfully applied to the college in Evermore even through all the hardship. She knew it was the first step to getting a better life, along with continuing to take care of her younger brother. Hana didn't start school until that fall, as she drove from where they loved, to the school every single morning. Hana and Ha-joon grew apart during her time in college, and she had bought an apartmnt for just herself. She gave Ha-joon the chance he deserved, to see where he wanted to take his life without her there to treat him like a child. But, that didn't mean her life had been all rainbows and sunshine. Hana had fallen into a deep depression when she finally pulled a family photo album out, seeing a picture of her and Ha-joon. But, she felt inspired by it, and soon after that, she joined an art program. She wasn't sure if it would be for her. But, much to her surprise, she had a talent in singing, and with that, she dropped the art club, and joined the choir club. Hana finally began enjoying her college life, and was introduced to many other programms who wanted her to join. The next four years went by in a blur. Hana and Ha-joon were still estranged, only exchanging the occasional "I love you's" and so foruth through a text message every once in a while. But, the day he finally called, asking Hana if she had room for him to move in with her, she didn't hesitate to tell him to come home with her, where he belonged. When Ha-joon came to the city, Hana continued to focus on her studies, while Ha-joon got a job in a cafe. Hana knew if everything went to plan, she will bring them a better lifestyle, and opportunities for Ha-joon. Even though Hana knew her brothers passion was for dancing. She prays to someday see it become his life, and in the mean time Hana hopes to fix things between them, Starting with clearing the air and all the lies she ever told him. It was all just thw quiet before the storm though. Not long after Ha-joon came back home, Hana's follower came back too. She couldn't keep this secret forever, especially after finding herself captive to the man following her, and putting others in harms way because of it.

Hana met Sunmin right on her rooftop. After shouting at him, wanting to know what the hell he was up to, she decided to sit down beside him and ask him what was so fascinating up there. Hana overlooked the backpack however, and the vibe she got that he may of had no where else to go. The story gets better. Stay tuned <3 

Hana met Thaddeus during a job hunt. When she found out what he was running, her curious side became starved and with that, she decided to apply to work at this gorgeous man's haunted Inn. So far's hes only showed her the ropes and left her there to tend to the place on her own. Hana plans on befriending this man, stay tuned to see how it happens. 

Ha-joon is Hana's baby brother. From the moment Ha-joon entered the world, Hana put her big girl pants on and raised Ha-joon like he was her own. Hana had always been mature, but for some reason, their parnts had always put so much on her shoulders. Ha0-joon however, didn't feel like a weight or a burrden. Hana became extremely protective over her brother, but sadly, she'd becam so protetive that she hid one of the worse things that she could have hidden from him. Her knowledge about the supernatural, and how one had attacked her. That's only a minor dent in the list of things Hana has felt the need to save him from though. With their parents being in debt with the Triad, Hana is now being watched and followed, and has already been attacked several more times. Her biggest fear is that the person wanting to harm Hana, will find out where she lives, and lead them right back to the very one she has tried protecting all this time. Now that the two of them are attempting to rebuild a relationship, she only hopes that he wont resent her too much for all the bombs she's about to drop in his lap. Enough's enough, and Hana feels she's hid these things from her brother for far too long. 

Relationship Details TBA

Yeon is probably one of the sexiest guys Hana's met. She simply loves staring at mr flexible, but she tries to maintain just a little self control, since she met this gorgeous Valkyr through her brother. Ha-joon dances with Yeon and for his dance company, and Hana now often goes to Yeon's show cases to watch him and his dancer perform, finding whatever moments in between to get to know him a little better, with hopes that they'll indeed become close friends in the near future. I mean look at 'em, what's there not to like? 

Hana was only out for a stroll through the forest to sit in one of her favorite getaways when she met Wyatt. However, their reunion was one of the first where she'd found herself riddled in fear. Wyatt and Hana both were taken by a psychotic Dark Diviner who's been stalking Hana for months now. Wyatt just so happened to be in the wrong place .. at the RIGHT time. The Diviner seemingly needed Wyatt specifically for a spell he's wanting to do. Hana however, feels gult-stricken and hurt that she ever got Wyatt into this mess. She doesn't know what will happen, but if they manage to escape this messs, she does know that she'll want to get to know him a little better. The human would be lying to say she hadn't found him attractive, even in their situation. And, if and when this ends for them, there's no telling how Hana will want to approach him. Seeing a man at his best and worse all in the same moment, is rather attractive. 

Graydon and Hana met in an awkward, but dangerous series of events as well. For weeks Hana had been seeing mr tall dark and handsome, and had assumed he was her stalker, but the night she finally approached him to ask why he'd been following her, she came to realize, Graydon had been following her stalker, and after having a target on his head, due to tryin to keep her safe, or take down her stalker for a chain of other crimes he had committed, it forced the two to stroll through the bustling streets where a party was being held, arm in arm, like any other normal couple. Only.. they're not a couple at all. Hana and Gray are basically still strangers to one another, but since he's saving her life and all.. the least she could do is make some effort in getting to kow him once this is all over with. 

Hana met Miya outside of a cafe, struggling to read the english writing on the sign posted on the window. Hana saw that no one else was willing to help her, and intervened right away. After that, the two of them had lunch together, and Hana promised she'd help Miyaza work her way around the city .. the two of them have became quite close since that encounter. And, Hana feels a pull towards Miyaza .. she know that they'll end up being the best of friends. Hana feels safe with the Celestial, and Miya feels less scared when Hana is by her side.. they make a pretty great team so far. Each of them seem to build the other up. 

Hana met Jordan after seeing his ad air on tv one evening as she sat at home, wondering what to do with her life. After finding out that Jordan ran a program in self defense, Hana wasted no time in calling and heading out to meet him. Upon arrival, the human noticed several things.. but the biggest thing that stood out about Jordan, was his dedication, how serious he was about teaching made Hana want to learn. She hopes that her illness doesn't throw her out of the running, or send her back where she started, which was her couch, wondering what to do with her life. Hana think with Jordan's help, she won't feel as afraid of the supernatural anymore. 

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"Her comments about how they got started with this whole skating thing made sense to him, it was the same as most things in life, you had to get the hang of it and over the first hurdle which was usually fear if failure, Jae had fallen and gotten…"
Dec 10

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Ha-joon Sae's discussion Sibling Complications (Ha-Joon and Hana Sae)
"Hana knew how Ha-joon felt by now. His expression had always spoke in volumes, and it broke her heart sometimes. He never deserved being kept in the dark and he didn't deserve to feel responsible for the fact that Hana had been carrying all the…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Sangeun Moon's discussion Saving Grace (Sangeun & Hana)
"The frail human smiled faintly, and decided she'd need to go ahead and take his word for it. She knew she was probably putting some unecessary worry on his shoulder by continuing to stress over the 'what if's', so after taking a…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Andersen Willem Dietrich's discussion Good Deed to Friendship (Anders + Hana Only)
"The human sighed. She knew that when it came to drawing a line for Ha-joon, that she had drawn to much of one. "Yeah, my thing is that without meaning too, ive ended up smothering my brother. I became a hellicopter parent" she admitted,…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Hana Sae's discussion The Start Of Something Good (Hana and Leigh)
"Hana listened intently, and like a sponge, she soaked in the information Leigh gave. She liked learning about the supernatural, because really, that was a humans only weapon against a world like this, was knowing. It was sad though, because some…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Hana Sae's discussion Just By Chance (Hana and Han)
"Hana had to admit. Meeting Jae and Han both had been pretty amusing, as they were as different as day and night. Han was very shy and awkward about social events, and Jae took charge and did all the talking. Both of them were nice however. Whether…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Wyatt Brookes's discussion Just a bit of Blood (Wyatt and Hana)
""He will never let this go. He must die when I no longer have any use for him." Those were the last words Hana had heard before she slipped into another slumber. She couldn't recall Wyatt even being in the same room as her, and if he…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Hana Sae's discussion Ice Breaker (Jae and Hana)
"He was definitely a cautious guy, which kind of made her chuckle a little, especially when he commented about fire, or anything dangerous being avoided. Though, the thought of actually getting to cuddle up to someone next to a fireplace made…"
Dec 9

✓ Hana Sae is now friends with ✓ Ray Herald and ✓ Zandra Smoke
Dec 8

✓ Hana Sae replied to ✓ Zandra Smoke's discussion You need my help? (Zandra and Hana)
"Hana had found herself struggling lately with her lungs. Now that Winter time had approached, she'd became much more sick than usual, and with that, she'd been limited to what she could actually do. With Jordan's unsettling goodbye to…"
Dec 8

✓ Hana Sae commented on ✓ Anivia Frostbourne ~Admin~'s group Secret Santa
"Count me in!!"
Dec 7

✓ Hana Sae joined ✓ Anivia Frostbourne ~Admin~'s group

Secret Santa

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Dec 7

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At 0:22 on December 6, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Zandra Smoke

Hey Hana, here is the starter I promised. 

You want my help?

At 16:55 on October 2, 2019,
✓ Sunmin Park

Sorry it took so long!


At 14:41 on September 16, 2019,
✓ Sangeun Moon

Saving Grace

As promised :)

- Eun -

At 23:51 on September 2, 2019,
✓ Thaddeus Ufford
At 8:37 on July 28, 2019,
✓ Miyaza Ryou

Hana Banana, I never comment on your page. Here I am now <3 
PS I will be replying soon ^.^

At 15:16 on June 29, 2019,
✓ Andersen Willem Dietrich

Hello Hana,

As promised, our starter is up :) click here

I hope you enjoy, and I look forward to this little adventure.

Image result for hayden christensen gif

At 4:30 on June 23, 2019,
✓ Ha-joon Sae

Hey Noona,
I wanted to say Hi and thank you for the gifts. You are the best sister a brother could ever ask for!
Here is something for you after a long time with you being in college. I thought of you and I know you will look great. Thank you for the new outfit. Am sure I will get lots of compliments I make sure everyone knows you bought it <3 


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