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On With The Show (Open to Dakota and Hae-ri)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield May 22. 6 Replies

Since her life had been completely thrown into meltdown about a year ago, Dakota had been working to try and straighten out her world, figure out what mattered and what didn't and further herself.…Continue

Adoption Rally (Open to Dakota and Jessalyn) COMPLETED

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Dakota was generally a busy person, her day job was as a teacher and that was always her first love, she enjoyed coming up with lesson plans and thinking about new and interesting ways to teach the…Continue

A Cry For Help (Open to Kaelyn and Dakota) COMPLETED

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It had been a few weeks since Bradyn had walked out of Dakota's life for good. At times she thought she was doing well, she continued to go to work every day, she cooked a meal in the evening most…Continue

Losing Yourself (Open to Dakota and Austin) COMPLETED

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As she slammed the door for the last time the brunette…Continue

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Taealha Kim's discussion Sign Me Up (Taealha & Dakota)
"She laughed softly, the girl seemed very sweet and kind which she liked a lot, it was rare to find someone so understanding after you had just pretty much headbutted them and while it was both their fault, neither seemed to want to put blame on the…"
Jul 2

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Taealha Kim's discussion Sign Me Up (Taealha & Dakota)
"Dakota had a basic understanding of sign language, when others signed, as long as they were slow enough and accompanied the movements with mouthing of the words she could understand what they were saying. That was mostly from watching a lot of…"
May 22

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"She laughed under her breath and shrugged “Well it’s a little selfish too, I wanted to be able to attend the event, it’s one of the things I get to look forward to every year” knowing it was doing good things for the animals…"
May 22

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"“That’s probably the best thing you could ever be stubborn about. At least it’s a selfless stubborn” Hae-Ri commented back with a small laugh. The young Nephilim could see that this meant a lot to the female, and she could…"
May 19

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield's discussion On With The Show (Open to Dakota and Hae-ri)
"Dakota pressed her lips together, forcing a smile when she confirmed that the other girl would probably need a formal dress for the even Usually this whole place would be decorated with twinkling lights and after the auction took place, there would…"
May 2

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Taealha Kim's discussion Sign Me Up (Taealha & Dakota)
"If there was something defining about Dakota, it was that she loved learning new things, it would be strange for her if she wasn’t learning something new and she was always finding online courses to complete and keep herself busy. Her free…"
Apr 30

✓ Hae-Ri Hwang replied to ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield's discussion On With The Show (Open to Dakota and Hae-ri)
"Hae-Ri could tell that she had just made a mistake in telling her that she wasn’t there for volunteering, the female’s voice had changed from the moment she said no. She listened to the female speak, and waited until she could speak up…"
Apr 28

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✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield replied to ✓ Dakota Rose Mayfield's discussion On With The Show (Open to Dakota and Hae-ri)
"She had this habit of taking on the impossible, she supposed it was the control freak in her jumping out and trying to make sense of everything happening around her, she could be a very stubborn and determined person, even when someone told her…"
Apr 27

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Apr 27

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"Before her alarm clock could go off, Hae-Ri had gotten woken up by her living alarm clock, Leo. His tongue lapping at her face to wake her up, which was more than effective. “Good Morning to you too” she said sleepily as she yawned. It…"
Apr 25

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" I don't know,
if it's worth it.
Is it worth it?
I don't know. "

Basic Info

  • Dakota Rose Mayfield

  • Dakky, Kota

  • Looks 30 | Real 38

  • Instar Diviner (Dark)

  • Heterosexual

  • Evermore, CO

  • Troian Bellisario

  • Probably best avoided


On a dark, stormy night in the middle of October a baby girl was born on the floor of the one bedroom apartment her mother was currently staying in. Scared and alone, the woman had scooped her child into her arms to welcome her to the world, telling her of all the plans she had for her baby to have a better, brighter life than hers. She knew the reality was that she was in no shape to care for her child and so she made the hardest decision she would ever have to make.

Avoiding being seen as she snuck out of the apartment, she wrapped the tiny infant in the only blanket she owned before crossing the city and coming to the doors of the orphanage she had picked out. She placed a letter and a ring inside the blanket before she laid her down on the doorstep, rang the doorbell and with one last look at the baby girl she had carried for the past nine months, she walked away into the night, never to be seen or heard from again.

And that was how Dakota’s story began.

Thankfully for Dakota, her time at the orphanage was short enough lived that she never remembered her time there. Many couples in America were on the adoption register and the youngest children were always the most sought for. Dakota was adopted by Nancy and David Mayfield where she was given her official name just a few months after she had first arrived.

Dakota was a quiet child growing up, she rarely cried and usually found ways to amuse herself. She was also intelligent and compassionate, enjoying the company of others and always being the child who put other people’s needs before her own. At school she was quiet and reserved for the most part, at least until she grew close with others and who she then became fiercely protective over.

One thing that Dakota always felt above all however was that she was different. She couldn’t really put a pin on why when she was young. Why she was so interested in graveyards and scary stories, why she found herself drawn to different objects no one else seemed to take any notice of. Why she didn’t look or act the same as her younger sister who was born when Dakota was four. Dakota always had a nagging feeling that something was missing but she didn’t know how to explain it to her parents.

Dakota’s sister Kenna was the complete opposite of her, born with stunning blonde hair and blue eyes, Kenna grew up to be confident and popular, the kind of girl that everyone seemed to want to be around and going through school, the it girl. Dakota never shared the popularity her younger sister had, being seen as weird for liking the things she liked or preferring playing sport with the boys over gossiping and sharing makeup tips. Because they were so different, Kenna and Kota never really seemed to get along, they often fought and Kenna would say the same mean things the other kids said in school to her.

Throughout high school, Dakota went through the same process every teen went through to try and find the person they wanted to be. Having spent the majority of her middle school surrounded by boys she was considered quite the tomboy, which in some ways was great, because it meant she had friends who looked out for her and kept her distracted from all the mean girls but it also meant she went all but unnoticed when it came to being ‘date material’.

It wasn’t exactly a secret to most that throughout middle school and high school Dakota had the biggest crush on Daniel O’Connell. Well every girl in the school did really, because he was the quarterback on the football team and all round a really nice guy. And he was hot, so incredibly hot. Dakota and Daniel however had been friends for a long time, having played together in the sandbox when they were kids and keeping their friendship alive through the years, despite all the times that someone tried to come between them.

She kept trying to come up with the courage to tell him, hoping that he felt the same way about her but she never really managed to find it, worried if he didn’t like her too then she would ruin the friendship they already had. She never got to tell him because only a few weeks later he started dating Olivia Raymond, head of the cheerleading squad. Olivia acted nice around Dakota at first, pretending to like her and even going as far as to ask her to hang out but it became evident quickly that she was jealous of Dakota’s friendship with Daniel and slowly but surely she succeeded on pushing the two apart.

Losing Daniel was hard for Dakota. Watching him be happy with the girl who pushed her out of the frame and left her alone was even harder. She became closed off and cold towards those around her, taking her frustration out on the world. It was around this time that strange things started to happy to the 16 year old. It started with things she could explain away, like the amount of black cats she saw every day or how the lights flickered a little when her emotions ran high but one night after a particularly bad nightmare the young girl sat up straight in her bed, her whole body covered in a sweat and her heartbeat racing and as she caught her reflection in the mirror she saw a pair of glowing Emerald green eyes looking back at her. Dakota had opened her mouth and screamed so loudly that she woke up the whole house and likely their neighbors.

After that night her parents were forced to tell her the truth about how she was adopted. Dakota was confused at first, trying to piece together what all of this meant but after they were done talking and making excuses two things were evident, the first was that all these strange things that happened to her and the way she felt different in the world was because the people she had always thought were her parents, weren’t. The second was that her parents had lied to her for her entire life and hadn’t intended on ever telling her the truth.

So not only did Dakota have to deal with the revelation that there was something supernatural and different about her, she also had to deal with with it alone because after that night she started shutting her family out. Kota didn’t even know the person she was anymore, everything she had been before felt like a lie now and that hurt more than she could even put into words. She turned her focus to her studies, knowing if she wanted to get away from them when she turned 18 she would need to get good grades and score a place in a good college across the country.

Despite now knowing for sure that she was different, Dakota also didn’t want to embrace that side of her and so she just pretended that it didn’t exist, she went about her life with a new found determination to find her own self. She didn’t need Daniel and she didn’t need her parents to make something of herself. She was hellbent on showing them all that they couldn’t break her with their lies and their lack of caring.

Things only seemed to get worse in the lead up to her 18th birthday though, Dakota started to experience heavy mood swings which would send her powers haywire. She would accidentally cause things to fall over or break, she would wake from her sleep to find her whole room turned upside down or her mirror shattered. She didn’t know how to control it and so it continued to spiral. It affected her studies and plagued her mind, made her worried to be around people in case something happened and she hurt them and so Dakota kept herself locked in her room most of the time.

During this time Dakota started to do her research on what it was that was making her act this way and she discovered an online community for ‘witches’ which she made an account on and started to talking to people with similar experiences. The place was filled with a lot of trolls of course but she gained some really helpful information on how to stop her emotions tapping into the power she had and helped her to start making sense of who and what she was. Dakota still didn’t want her powers to be the defining part of her but being able to control them would make sure no one at school would find out she had them.

A few weeks later though and Dakota found that everything stopped. As if a switch inside her had been turned off and she was no longer tethered to the power she had before. She kept it to herself, confused and dazed by the way her life was unfolding. Dakota found that every time she found herself getting used to the life she currently had, something or someone would come along and punch a hole in it and every time she was left to rebuild a little more broken than before.

Her 18th birthday came and went and she graduated from her high school. She was glad to finally get out of there, fed up of seeing Daniel and Olivia drool over one another or hearing what the other girls said about her as she walked through the halls. She was ready to find her own path in life without the influence of others. The one positive Dakota had taken from her time in school was the support from her teachers which had helped her to get a placement in college, one far from her parents and the life she had come to want to leave behind here.

Months later and Dakota found herself landing in Colorado where she would start in the fall at the university. She had chosen to follow her instincts and study a teaching degree, she hoped one day she could pay out the same kind of guidance her teachers had given her and she could help those who felt lost in their life, much like she always had, find their way.

Dakota found college a good experience for her which helped her to grow up a lot and realize that not all people in the world had it out for her. Staying in the dormitory she made friends with her flat mates and would occasionally go out partying with them and began to let loose of the composed picture she had always painted throughout her life. In her studies she enjoyed learning and listening, she found the professors so helpful and knowledgeable, it was so different to high school for her.

Throughout this time Dakota really allowed herself to open up to people and made friends with a lot of people. She even had a few boyfriends here and there though none of the relationships ever seemed to really last. Kota was happy to find her own independence and path and surround herself with people who stuck by her and she felt like she could rely on. It was an eye opener to her of the toxic environment she had been subjected to at home and at school, her parents wanting to control every part of her life and make sure she never found out who she really was.

And then it hit her all at once. When her powers had all but disappeared a year ago she thought it was just happenstance but in that moment she suspected the worst of her parents. And she she went out into the city in the middle of the night, not really sure what she was looking for as she passed through the strange shops and establishments until she found herself drawn to one particular place. The front was one of those tacky fortune teller places but something told Kota this was far more than that.

She walked inside the low lit room until her eyes met those of an older female, she didn’t need to say a thing as the other woman slowly raised to her feet looking back at the younger woman with a sad gaze “Oh poor child what have they done to you” she spoke before ushering her inside towards the back room. That night Dakota found out the truth of what had happened as well as finally finding out what she truly was. The supernatural secret was one kept very well in the world but Evelyn was the one to finally open Dakota’s eyes to the truth, she was a necromancer, a being who held immense magical power but her magic had been taken from her by a spell placed upon the ring she had worn since the moment Dakota had found out she was adopted. Her parents had used the only thing of her birth mother’s that she had and turned it into a way to strip her from the person she was.

The moment she took the ring off, placing it on the table everything came rushing back and the moon overhead of the shop turned dark in the sky, it was a little late but Dakota had been chosen by the dark magic, just like Evelyn had been chosen many years ago. Dakota was thankful to the woman for finally opening her eyes to the world around her but she refused her offer to train her. Dakota had done many destructive things with her powers before now and she wasn’t ready to embrace that side of herself. This time it was her choice when she put the ring back on.

After that night Dakota cut all ties with her adoptive family. She didn’t know how she could ever trust them not to lie to her again when they seemed to do so at every opportunity. It was her choice how she lead her life and her choice only and she wasn’t going to let them jeopardize that. Thankfully she still had her friends at college and her study to keep her spirits up. Now that she knew about the supernatural her horizons broadened, she started to notice she wasn’t the only person who was ‘different’ on campus and that gave her a sense of peace she’d never had before.

Dakota graduated college at the age of 24 with a masters degree in teaching. It was a sad time for her, to come to the end of an era but also exciting to think about all the possibilities of what she could do next. Dakota knew she wanted to work in a school but she didn’t know where, or how she wanted to build that life. It took her a full six months to decide, working at a library in the meantime while she tried to figure out her place in the world.

Eventually she made the decision to accept a place at a school in Evermore City, teaching children aged 9 in school. Evermore hadn’t been the first place that came to her mind but one of her professors had put her forward as a recommendation and the offer they made her was too hard to refuse. And so she had packed up her life and made the leap, starting with a small one bedroom apartment that she could just about afford with the new salary she had been offered.

Dakota took to her work in the school well, she loved helping to guide the kids where they needed to go and ensuring each and every one of them were giving the best support she could give them to grow up to be great adults one day. Whilst she was in the staff room one day she would meet Bradyn O’Shea, the new gym teacher at the school. Bradyn was drop dead gorgeous and had all the female teachers and office members alike fawning over him, his Irish accent and charm sending them all into meltdown.

Initially Dakota thought she was immune to his charm, she was never the girl who got all caught up over a guy but months down the line and the two of them found themselves alone, both staying late to get all of their work done and talking. She had to admit he was funny and he seemed genuinely interested in the conversations they had. One late night turned into a week of late nights until he eventually worked up the courage to ask her out on a date.

One date became more dates and before she knew it, Bradyn had become a major part of her life. After a few months of dating they both took a leap and moved into a downtown apartment together. It was difficult at first for Dakota, she was so used to being alone that it felt strange for her to have someone to come home to, to talk about her day over dinner with, the laugh about all the gossip and rumours they heard daily about the two of them. Her life with Bradyn made her happy and happiness was such a rare thing in her life.

And so after 4 years of dating Bradyn got down on one knee and proposed to Dakota and she said yes without hesitation. Because they were both so detached from the family they grew up with they decided on going down to the court house where they got their marriage license and with a witness total of just 2 friends, the two of them said their vows and got married. It was simple, nothing like how she pictured her wedding would be when she was younger, but it felt right because their relationship had always been that, simple.

Dakota and Bradyn’s life didn’t change too much after their marriage, though Bradyn did make the decision to move to another school to allow them both to have a little space from one another in the day. Kota was fine with the change and it made her all the more excited to return home to him every night. The two of them went on holidays together, made their own Christmas and Thanksgiving traditions and the two of them even starting making plans to have a family together.

That particular plan wasn’t meant to be however because after a year of trying Dakota still wasn’t pregnant. They went to the doctors to get fertility tests and it was revealed that Bradyn wasn’t able to have children. He took the news hard, unable to fathom the idea of not being able to father his own children which caused him to fall into a pit of depression. Dakota tried her best to comfort him but she couldn’t escape the feeling that every time he looked at her he was remembering the things he couldn’t have.

Months went by and Dakota found herself feeling alone once again, Bradyn stayed out later, spent more time with his friends and worked longer hours. She understood and did her best to support him, she could tell how much he was hurting and the last thing she wanted to do was add to that. Around this time she received a call from her younger sister out of the blue. Kenna had majorly fallen out with their parents and had nowhere else to turn to and so Dakota insisted that she come down to the city and stay in their spare room for a while.

It was nice, being able to reconnect with her sister, the two of them had never really had anything in common as kids but now that they had both had the chance to grow up they were both very similar. It also helped Dakota to feel a little less alone when Bradyn wasn’t home, Kenna and Kota would go on shopping trips together and talk about their lives and before long Dakota helped her sister to get back on her feet and find a place of her own in Evermore city.

Things stayed the same for another year or so, going to work, coming home, watching a few hours of TV and then sleeping became the routine. Most nights she would go to sleep before Bradyn even got in. And then, her very worst nightmare happened.

Things stayed the same for another year or so, going to work, coming home, watching a few hours of TV and then sleeping became the routine. Most nights she would go to sleep before Bradyn even got in. And then, her very worst nightmare happened.

She was excited to finally be home as she entered the apartment block and headed up the stairs, opening the door as quietly as she could as not to wake her husband and the guest who had been staying with them the past couple of months but as she walked inside she tripped over a pair of shoes on the floor. She cursed softly before picking them up only to realize they were women’s shoes and they weren’t hers.

Dakota knew what was coming, she felt her whole self readying for it as she crossed the distance to the bedroom she shared with Braedyn to find him there, another woman in his arms. At first it was shock, she couldn’t believe he would do this to her after everything they had been through and then it was anger, pure rage that he would do this and in the bed they shared together of all places. He came running after her as she turned and walked away, pleading for her to listen to him and how he could explain. When he grabbed her shoulder she shrugged away angrily but caught her arm on the table as she did so sending the ring that was on her finger flying to the ground.

Dakota felt her heart in her chest, it felt like it had broken into pieces as she looked back at the man she once loved and now all she could see was his betrayal and how she wasn’t good enough for him anymore. “Get out” she spoke it calmly at first but when he protested she spoke it louder, her voice cracking as she screamed the words at him “GET OUT, BOTH OF YOU” she didn’t know what to do or think, all she knew was that she needed him out of her face. The lights flickered in the whole building and she swore the could literally feel the place shake as she watched him turn away and leave, leaving a teary and distraught Dakota to pick up the pieces of her life once again.


Austin Connelly

Roommate / Friend

Dakota and Austin's relationship is complicated, he's her ex-husband's best friend but also living with her. After the fallout of her breakup with Bradyn, Austin was there for her and helped her to get her powers under control. In that time, the two of them became friends. It's become evident to Kota that Austin is sweet on her but she feels lost about what to do without causing more hurt.

Kaelyn Brookes

Roommate / Friend

When everything fell apart with Dakota's powers she reached out the faction leader in Evermore for help and found herself on the doorstep of Kaelyn Brookes. Kaelyn assured Kota that she could get control over her powers and helped her to begin learning to get them under control. In the midst, the two of them found similarities between them and made friends.

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