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In Your Head (Sofi and Ery)

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Erythreus hadn't slept properly in months now. Not since everything that had…Continue

Modern Day Difficulties (Iris and Erythreus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Iris Valentine Dimitreu Aug 17. 1 Reply

Technology. Erythreus was one of many in the manor who didn't bother with it. He didn't understand a…Continue

It's Been A While (Erythreus and Alva)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Alva Davenwood Aug 14. 7 Replies

No matter how much Erythreus tried to escape the two brothers from his past, a small part of him…Continue

★ This Is Only Just The Beginning (Sio and Ery)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Siobhan Leslie ~Admin~ Aug 12. 3 Replies

Erythreus had fallen short on positivity lately. After the news about…Continue


Banner Credits: Caleb Segal

It is not Death that a man should fear, but he should fear never beginning to live.

Erythreus Ailward


Full Name: Erythreus Ailward

Nicknames: Fairy (Serena) others to be added

Age: Looks 30 - Real 1536 

Species: Ailward Aspect - The Aspect of Death


Current Residence:  Evermore, Colorado. Ailward Manor

Relationship Status: Single

Occupation:Aspect of Death - Seeking a sideline job

Ery's Guard: Dominic Howlett

Family:The other Aspects (too many to name)



Eyes:Ocean Blue

Hair:  Blonde - Typically kept in a short pony tail



Body Type:Tall - Masculine - Athletic.

Complexion: Creamy-Light tan

Dragon Form: Using his staff, Erythreus is able to take form of a large red dragon, though he can't breathe fire.

Status: Immortal

Face Claim:Alexander Ludwig


Erythreus Harkbeck was one of the most ordinary humans you could have met. He was born in the late 400s to a loving family. Even though he was an only child, he wasn’t spoilt like most would be being alone, he wasn’t a selfish child, but he was an independent one. Working alone, playing alone and sometimes while his parents were still working, eating alone. Erythreus was an intelligent child, He got good grades through school and was always a hard worker, his mother and father loved him dearly. Maybe this was the problem? Erythreus was, as was said, an independent child. This independence only grew worse as he aged and his confidence grew, soon enough he was rocking the village, a nuisance they called him. He’d go into the woods, disappear for days and return with a bounty of meat that he’d caught. One day however, Erythreus mis-fired, his arrow shot through the trees and his the shoulder of a man. The man was strange, his accomplice even stranger. Their skin was pale and flecked, their mouth were large and slim and covered in red. Disregarding the red –Disease littered the lands with little cures available, so he presumed it was an unknown- around their mouths, Erythreus ran through the trees and tried to offer his healing aid, herbs for the pain and he could have whipped up a remedy to heal the wound up sharpish. But the men refused. The injured one merely stood, tore the arrow from his shoulder with a grunt and held it back, with a smirk. Scared, Erythreus tried to turn and run, shouting monster through the trees, but the men were faster than he was…faster than anyone he had ever seen was. Erythreus tried to get away, but the two males merely laughed. They spoke in a foreign tongue, outlanders that were hiding in the tree’s, they said “You injure one of us. Your injustice must be answered with justice.” This struck a fear into Erythreus that stripped him of all arrogance he once had. He stood, shaking from head to two and glued to the spot while the two outlanders circled him “Killing him would also be an injustice though brother.” One said, and the other responded “True, so we shalt not kill him.” In the end, the two brothers struck a deal with the eighteen-year-old Erythreus. They said that on the day of his twenty-first year, He must leave his home and join them in the woods. He must live off the land until his debt is repaid, or his family and village would be slaughtered. Erythreus questioned them, he laughed at them and was allowed back to the village. The next day, he awoke to screams. His horse had been beheaded, littered with bite marks, the head…Placed on a spike outside the Harkbeck hut. Erythreus believed them, he looked around and spotted two black dots on the horizon by the tree’s, Somehow Erythreus knew they could see him, and so he nodded towards them. Their contract struck. Erythreus returned home and led out his life, he was a little less warming to others and little more independent in life. But he lost all arrogance and life from his eyes, he went about his days like a robot. His parents were initially worried, but then dispelled it as growth and left him to it. And this is where the suffering began...... On the eve of his Twenty-first year, Erythreus awoke early, packed his cow-hide bag and left without a word to his parents. The skies were still dim, and the two men were stood either side of the pole that once held the severed head of his horse, too deep to be pulled out by a human. Erythreus spent the next three years with these men, what he was proving he didn’t know, but what he did know was that he hated living off the land. He hated moving every day, his feet were bare after the third week, he couldn’t find any shoes to even steal, the clothes on his back were torn and bloody from the kills he made. The kills that weren’t all animals. The two men had forced him to slaughter villages, and they punished him when he didn’t do a good enough job. They expected him to kill women and children, but Erythreus would rather take a beating from the brothers than do this…Not that it did much good, once he had been beaten to an inch of his life, the brothers killed those Erythreus couldn’t. They also didn’t wait for him to recover; they merely left their beating for above the waist. “Your legs still work!” They’d sn***** and haul the frail his frail human form to his feet, shoving him on to the next village. Erythreus grew cold. His abuse made him touchy and contact was always a no-go for him. He even started recoiling from hits from the brothers before their fists even collided. After three years with the brothers, Erythreus overheard them discussing his fate. Knowing death was on the cards, Erythreus took his things, a leg from their latest kill for the road and tried to escape. He got as far as the cliff-face. Erythreus had never seen the sea, so this sight was a glorious one. The waves crashed against the cliff and the air was thick with the scent of salt water. This was where the brothers found him, laid with his head propped by a rock, intoxicated by the sight of the sea. They didn’t beat him, after a moment of taking in the scene, they offered Erythreus a drink and in thinking it was laced with poison, he drank it all in a single gulp. Poison was quicker than a beating. But the liquid wasn’t a poison, soon enough he was choking yes, but it wasn’t poison. The brothers had laced it with their blood and the blood was taking effect. A moment later and Erythreus was being launched off the cliff, screaming. The brothers shouted down. “Here lies the body of Erythreus Harkbeck” Erythreus awoke, cast onto the rocks by the waves, gasping from breath. He was sure he had died, maybe the gods had spared him? Standing, Erythreus rest a hand on a rock and clenched to haul himself up…the rock splintered and crumbled to dust, his muscles rippling. In the end, Erythreus came to the conclusion that whatever monster the brothers were…Erythreus was now one too. He spent the next (time TBD) roaming the lands, living in one place for no more than three years, just until the people began to notice that he did not age. After ten years, a seemingly phony wikken screeched Vampire at Erythreus, every time he passed her hut. He left that village after only three months. After living like this for a couple hundred years, Neglected and no better than an animal, Erythreus was brought back into society by a group of seven others. They, much like him, hadn’t had a good life and wanted to answer injustice with justice. This struck raw with Erythreus and he became the eighth member of their ‘group’. Their leader, so to say, was named Venetus and he had apparently heard of a roaming nomad that was more animal than man, torn from humanity by abuse. Erythreus could say, in the early days of the Ailward (What they had called themselves) only his name. The Ailward taught him to be a man again, they ignored his peculiar eating habits and the fact that blood was his life-source. Their motto had been "To protect, to progress and to restore balance" which they kept until the mighty King Mitus ridiculed them. Erythreus blamed himself for the King finding out that the 8 weren’t exactly human, his diet was odd and he was still yet to form any real ties with humans, apart from the other 7 Ailward. Monsters they were called, Erythreus especially. He found it all rather amusing in some aspects, that was before they were set to be executed, Erythreus had sworn for years that he was a monsters, his Ailward family telling him he was wrong. But here was a king, labelling him once more as a monster. He knew that, if he wasn’t being arrested and sworn to his brethren that he wouldn’t harm another soul under anger, Erythreus would have become the monster they feared. Upon the execution, The Gods directed their souls to the heavens. Erythreus had died, and now he was like a ghost in what he bet was the skies. The gods gifted them with a staff each and powers in which to correct the world of man beneath them. Erythreus was given a staff of deep black, like two snakes the wood twirled up in dance and came together at the top to hold a giant red crystal, more vibrant than any ruby set deep into the forehead of an eyeless skull. The staff itself was just shorted than Erythreus, and he learnt that the staff itself held the power to transform him into a dragon. The transformation itself was painless, Erythreus would be shrouded in black smoke, his figure bubbling and bending painlessly until a large red scaled dragon with deep black eyes stood in the place of the man. The Ailwards were to be call Aspects, Erythreus was named the Aspect of death, Tasked with the protection of the dead both on the earth like himself, or those who had passed on to the underworld. Erythreus chuckled at first, called himself the modern Hades. But his job was to protect, not to punish. After their resurrection the Ailward aspects left America as instructed and set up a headquarters upon the isle of sky, the entire island was protected with a spell which kept those with impure intentions out and once they arrived they began to devise their plan for a better world, a world where the supernatural could coexist peacefully among humans and one another. And the rest, their days in this isle, their protection details –Aspect Guard- And more importantly, Erythreus’ humanity. The rest was history


Virtues † Selfless - Compassionate - Humble

Image result for shelley hennig gif

Vices ✘ Brooding - Insecure - Self-Loathing

  • Immortality ↬ An Aspect is immortal, once they become an Aspect they do not age any further, however they can be killed via fatal wounds to the heart or mind.
  • Staves: ↬ Each Aspect is entrusted with a staff which gives them specific powers listed below as long as they're in direct contact with it
  • Flight ↬ The staff also allows them to transform into a dragon capable of flying at speeds which make them invisible to the supernatural eye.
  • Visibility ↬ Each aspect is able to watch and monitor their element as noted in the traits, though unable to directly do anything about what they see through their powers, it allows them to detect where problems lie within the world.
  • The Aspect of Death is able to reach out to and speak to the dead, the dead appear as a smokey presence between the two realms..
  • The Aspect of Death is able to guide souls who are being resurrected back to the their bodies.
  • The Aspect of Death can also manipulate nether, popularly known as death-force, to conjure, shape or manipulate any kind of weapon with perfect skill..

  • ϟ Staves ☠ An Ailward's abilities only work when they're in contact with their staves. Without it, they're reduced to immortal humans. Anyone in contact with the staff can wield its powers and cause destruction which is why an Ailward keeps it close to them at all times..
  • ϟMAgic ☠ Magic: Aspects are susceptible to all kinds of magic and being exposed to magic for a long time can kill them.
  • ϟ Fatal Wound To the Heart Or Mind ☠ Although immortal, if an Aspect is stabbed through the heart or mind the Aspect dies..
  •     Service ☠ An Aspect only lives to serve their element and when/if they choose to retire from their service they will pass away.
  • ϟOveruse Of Power ☠ Though powerful, all Aspects are limited with the amount they can use their power before the power causes damage to them.
  •     Separation ☠ As an entity of a whole group, an Aspect cannot be away from the other Aspects for too long before they will begin to suffer pain and eventual death.


In Your Head 

Modern Day Difficlties

It's Been A While

This Is Only The Beginning

Is This Really Happening?

New Friends Over Empty Graves

Forbidden Fruit

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Not Started/Coming Soon:

Plotting With Wilhelmina

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Business Or Is It 

Not Your Average Females 


Finished Threads Here

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Dom is Ery's personal Guard . and his bromance for life.

Together, these two have managed to find themselves in plenty of trouble. The night Dom decided to be Ery's wingman and take him to a strip club, turned out to be a night that he and Erythreus were held at gun point, and forced into a van by human radicals who assumed Ery could bring their loved ones back from the dead, but just like any other time, Dom was willing to take a bullet or anything else to keep Erythreus safe. Ery has no doubt in his ind that he has the best guard an Aspect can ask for, and he's a damn good friend. 

Story coming soon

Details TBC.

Caleb and Ery met one night during one of Caleb's many visits to the cemetery

Calen and Erythrues in just a short time became quite close. Ery holds a special spot for the human in his life. Even if Ery doesn't know what it is about him that compels the Aspect, he knows he cares for Caleb and would do anything to help him. A true friendship is what Erythreus wants from this.

Story coming soon

Details TBC.

Ery and Alva met way back during the days where Celestials and Ailwards called the Isle of Sky home, and when they called each other friends

Alva and Erythreus have a bit of history. Erythreus has always been the one to sleep with the enemy; and while that may not be the exact truth for him and Alva. He and Alva were extremely close back then, and she's helped in with more than he can express in words. Other details, ill leave for the imagination. Now that they have ran into one another again, and Erythreus once again needs her help, she's pretty unwilling to give it, holding him accountable for all the tragic events that happened and how her and her kind were locked in cages. Ery hopes that they can over come this for good, and put the past behind them. While he knows they'll never get back what they had, he at least wanta a fresh start with someone he used to be so close to, safe to say, he's guilt-stricken, even though he'd do it all over again if it meant keeping everyone safe. Sometimes leaders have to make unimaginable sacrificed.

Ery and Sio met not long after the angel-child arrived to the city.

Sio and Erythreus have a bit of history. Erythreus had been out and about doing his normal routine of drinking and lurking in the cemetery when he noticed Sio facing a monster in the form of a smokey presence; but her monsters were deadly. Slaying one after another, Ery had finally earned her trust, and gained feelings for her. From one conversation to a kiss, things got intense, but it wasn't long after that. that Erythreus found himself leaving the angel to die in the floor of his guards cabin; For a long time, Ery and Sio drifted apart. And now that they've reunited, things are just as crazy. Ery was led back to the angel by hallucinations of her dying. This should be interesting... yet again.

Ery met Iris as she's part of the Guard'.

Let's face it, Iris is the genious in the manor; Erythreus is completely and utterly dumbed down by modern technology, something as simple as a cell phone causes him to freak out and since he bought one, he's turned to Iris for her help.

Images and Details coming soon

Story and Details coming soon 

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At 10:28 on August 21, 2019,
✓ Kailani Mavros

Hi there, appreciate the add! I'd love to plot or if you'd just like to chat sometime, feel free to send an inbox or comment. (': Talk soon!

xx Kailani xx

At 19:44 on August 8, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

Reply posted here.


Hopefully worth the wait.

At 19:59 on July 24, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Olivia Ramsay

hey erythreus,

you're welcome & thank you so much for the sweet words :) i would love to plot with you sometime, if i see you i will definitely hit you up.

- olivia

At 3:12 on June 13, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Zandra Smoke

Hey Erythreus,
I know we pced about this but I want to link you in your comments in case you lose the link.
~ Is this really happening ~
~|| Zandra Smoke ||~

At 2:07 on June 7, 2019,
Ailward Guard
✓ Sapphire Rizzoli

Hey Ery, I am still looking for plots and new threads. And dont worry about being delayed to reply, you are actually the first person that has replied back to me from my inbox. I must say I am open for anything at the moment! So just throw me some ideas if you have anything in mind!


At 13:54 on May 29, 2019,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Virindeus Ailward

Listen brother, I have always been here >.> just hiding.

Throw me them ideas, I am open to them.

if you are the brooding one what does that make me? Deus

At 17:15 on May 6, 2019,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

So, I finally got around to finishing/posting my epically long post *still shocked at it's lenght*

It turned out a bit different than I wanted, as I left the last bit I wanted to include out, as it was long enough already lol. Might include that bit in the next post. But I hope you enjoy and if you got questions about it...ask away :)

Image result for shelley hennig gif

At 1:01 on March 23, 2019,
✓ Artemitra Astrid Bluemoon

Well, looks like we're about to cross paths again.

As Promised, here it is.

Old Flames

Image result for shelley hennig gif

At 3:52 on February 8, 2019,
✓ Caleb Eli Segal ~Mod~

I hope this works for you! 


At 8:05 on December 27, 2018,
Ailward Aspect
✓ Venetus Ailward ~Admin~

Merry late Christmas, brother

Now what do you give someone whose entire life revolves around alcohol? 

Definitely not more alcohol.

Instead, realising that you're too stubborn to ask for help if you ever pass out in the middle of the road, or get into a heated argument with one of those dead souls, I decided to bring you this charmed bracelet.

Whenever you need help, just turn the ring and I'll know and be there by your side in a jiffy, no questions asked.

Don't overuse it cause I'm a busy man


Your favourite brother, Venetus.


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