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What Am I Seeing? (Orion & Gideon only)

Started May 24, 2020 0 Replies

Things in Evermore were very off kilter and no one could truly put their finger on why. No species seemed to be untouched by the events which were occurring daily. There was no balance, not even…Continue

★Temperament and Anchors(Orion and Sariah)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~ Aug 26, 2020. 13 Replies

If there was one thing that always seemed to bring Orion peace it was work. That sounded crazy to most since work was usually what caused stress for most people but it was something he was used to…Continue

Meeting of the Minds [Orion, Lachlan & Harper]

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Orion Valkyrie ~Admin~ Apr 13, 2020. 9 Replies

The three Alpha’s hadn’t gathered for a meeting since Harper and Lachlan had taken over their positions. They all had their own lives, jobs and species branch to look after and Harper was still a bit…Continue

Unlikely Assistance (Open to Orion and Sariah)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Orion Valkyrie ~Admin~ Jan 21, 2018. 16 Replies

Seraphina and Arwyn had gotten Orion home but he wasn’t showing any signs of healing, his wounds were still seeping blood and his body was burning up. Sweat from a high fever mixing with the blood of…Continue


The Hunter Has Become the Hunted

But a Predator He Shall Remain -Code Credit Siobhan-

Orion Valkyrie

The Basics

Full Name: Orion Valkyrie
Nicknames: Old Man(Arwyn)|Silver Fox |Alpha|Onion
Age: Looks: Early 40s | Is: 53
Species: Therianthrope
Ranking: Kitsune Alpha|Alpha of Alphas|Therian Ambassador
Occupation: Owner of Sly Fox Security
Current Residence: Evermore City, Colorado
Hometown: Reno. Nevada
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Relationship: Dating Sariah Holloway


Build: Athletic
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 161 lbs
Gender: Male
Hair: Dark Brown/Graying
Eyes: Steely Blue
Faceclaim: Ian Bohen
Distinguishing Marks:Here
Tattoo: Family crest over his heart and the faction tattoo on the right side of his neck.


Animal: Kitsune
Tail Number: Nine
Most Used Ability: Razor Tail
Positive: Strong Willed, Determined, & Wise.
Negative: Judgmental, Over-Protective & Jumps to Conclusions.
Habits: Here
Hobbies: Here
Skilled at: Here


Arwyn Valkyrie — Son
Arwyn is Orion's son from his marriage with his now deceased wide Destiny. His son takes after Destiny in animal form being a Lycan but his personality is very much a mix of both his parents.
Seraphina Valkyrie — Daughter
Seraphina, better know as Sera to her father, is Orion's daughter from his marriage with his now deceased wife Destiny. She takes after Orion in temperament but her mother in looks.


Sariah Holloway — Love is Blind
Sariah is not only the human ambassador but the woman who accidentally blinded him at a gala event when he was trying to help her. She was able to talk him down and rectified his mistake, she was scared but she didn't give in and that spoke volumes. The two have had a rough go of it with a lot of give and take and a large learning curve but they both keep pushing through it all.
Gideon Ashworth — Frenemy
Gideon is the Valkyr Ambassador of the city. Given Orion's past with vampires he finds it very hard to trust Valkyr since that's what vampire's start off as. Despite his history of bad blood with vampire the Kitsune does his best to give the other Ambassador the benefit of the doubt but he keeps a keen eye on him especially with Cornelia getting closer to the Valkyr.
Harper Adler — Lycan Alpha
Harper and Orion were once on the same page as far as their positions as Alpha went and were able to work together. He understands why she finds it hard to trust alpha male types and his actions when another Alpha came into their territory and causing issues upset her. It put the Therian faction as a whole in danger and since then he has done his best to make up for the mistake but they're still on rocky ground.
Lachlan Remington — Ailuranthrope Alpha
Coming Soon


In the story books it has always spoken of how the vampires and therianthropes have never gotten along all that well, in modern times that may be shifting but there are still those who remember the bitter wars held between them, the books also always presume that the therianthrope side only ever consisted of werewolves but that is far from the truth, there was a far broader range to the Therianthropes than most people thought to know. Orion Valkyrie was born the youngest of three brothers, being born into a pure Kitsune family, the supernatural was never a question for the young boy, who knew what he was destined to be before he knew his ABCs.

Orion was raised in a large pack in Nevada, where he was raised alongside his two elder brothers, it was no secret that the Valkyrie pack was the largest of it’s kind, they had to be, considering that for the best part of 2 centuries, every generation of the Valkyrie pack was raised as vampire hunters, tasked with finding vampires who caused unnecessary pain and suffering on humans and eliminating them, of course that meant that life was a dangerous path for the young Kitsune who even at a young age found himself in danger more often than not, he killed his first vampire at 16 and from there life only got more complicated.

Orion entirely believed in the Valkyrie cause, he heard the tales of the pain that vampires had caused humans and previous members of his pack, he learned about how they had tried to cull the Valkyrie numbers, how they had torn through the whole of the state with their pain and suffering. For Orion, there wasn’t the choice of a normal life where he would attend school or college, there was a whole other purpose for his existence and his entire family were relying on him to not let them down.

Through his years Orion became a skilled and deadly hunter, he was capable of holding his own and no longer was compared to the weaker version of his elder brothers, he became their equal, their ally and they worked tirelessly to protect the world from the cruelty of the vampires. And as he grew older his pack would join forces with another pack, another group of hunters just like them who had sought them out for strength in numbers, they weren’t Kitsunes however, they were lycanthropes, the most commonly known sub species of Therianthrope. It was here that he would meet Destiny.

Destiny wasn’t the kind of woman who took any crap from anyone, she was confident and straightforward, she knew what she needed to get done and then she would make it happen, there was no questioning that Orion was drawn to her and her passion. Of course she batted off most of his attempts to get her attention, she had ‘far better ways to be spending her time’ but with years to come he would slowly break down her walls piece by piece until he could finally recognize the person buried below the surface. With time Destiny and Orion fell in love and eventually decided to marry when Orion was 28.

Despite being married, little changed in their lives, both the packs worked on their ultimate goal and with vampires building larger and larger covens in the state of Nevada, things were as tense as ever. Which is why it came as such a shock when Orion’s new wife informed him that she was pregnant with his child, throughout her pregnancy he protected her and stayed by her side and when his son was finally born he was happy beyond words, they decided to name their son Arwyn and they cherished him. It became obvious pretty soon that Arwyn Valkyrie would be the first member of the Valkyrie pack who was not a Kitsune, Arwyn had been born a lycanthrope just like his mother.

Two years later Orion and Destiny decided to have a second child, company for their son and someone to help continue the lineage of the Valkyrie pack, with the dangers the family lived under there was strength in numbers. Their second child was born just 9 months later, a girl whom they decided to name Seraphina, unlike her brother Sera took the genetics of her father and was born a Kitsune. Orion couldn’t have asked for a more diverse family if he wanted to, after this Destiny and he decided that they didn’t want to have any more children, they wanted their focus to be on raising the two children they had.

Despite bringing his children into a complicated and dangerous world, he did his best to be a good father for his children, he taught them all about their past and lineage, about what they were and what it would mean, he left no questions unanswered in order to give them the best start in their lives. He did however make the decision to send both his children to school, he wanted them to have the things he had been forced to miss out on, he wanted them to experience everything they wanted to and to learn all the things which whirled around in their mind.

Allowing his children to attend school left the day to spend continuing his work, searching out and eliminating vampire threats but as the years counted up, so did the number of vampires swarming the state and Orion lost his eldest brother to the conflict, leaving his nephews Fallon and Gael under his care. Life was beginning to get difficult for the Valkyrie family, losing their father has an impact on Fallon and Gael, their fighting weakened and the pack found themselves starting to lose to the vampires for the first time in a long time.

It was this time of loss that would lead to the kidnapping of Destiny, Orion and Destiny had been out hunting down the vampire coven across the state when they were ambushed, of course they both fought hard but they had underestimated the numbers and Destiny was overpowered, unable to help Orion has killed the vampire holding him back but by the time he had broke free the vampires were gone and so was his wife.

The following weeks were agonizing as they received threat after threat from the vampires, unable to do a thing to save his wife Orion became panicked and angry, he didn’t know how to support his two children and his nephews without her and he couldn’t do a thing to settle their worries as he couldn’t do a single thing to settle his own. At the final meeting called to discuss agreements he stood across the field from the vampires who were holding his wife captive, they proposed a ransom, her life in a swap for his, Orion had been more than happy to make that deal, he loved Destiny and would have done anything to protect her and die for her, but as he stepped out to take her place the vampires had bitten into his wife’s neck.

They had never really wanted to make a deal, only wanted him and his children to experience the pain of watching her die before their eyes. Furious they had fought but they had been lead into a trap, there were vampires everywhere they turned and they knew they would not survive the night the way things were. As much as he wished he didn’t have to, Orion made the decision to leave, leading his family out of Nevada in the dead of the night, everyone’s emotions ran high as they were confused as to what would happen and where they could go.

Orion however knew exactly where to go, an old friend of his Ivory Llewellyn had recently taken up residence in Evermore city and he knew his friend wouldn’t turn down his request for a place for his family. Despite the pain he felt that night, Orion has always and will always stand by the Valkyrie name, it may have been a tactical decision to leave that night through the dead of night, however once his family has had the chance to recover from the pain that night brought, he knows they will return to their hunting once more, legends don’t die as easily as that.

Or at least that was what he believed until Ivory left Evermore, the position of Kitsune Alpha being bestowed on him before she left. It was a huge change to be living in a city such as Evermore, hunting outside of the city until the war of the Initia and Phoenix exploded nearly destroying the city. The Ailward came and a peace treaty was created for all species causing him to leave behind his lifestyle of hunting since he was now a leader. Making a decision he opened a security firm called Sly Fox Security and began to take his position as Alpha and Ambassador seriously since he clearly wasn't going anywhere. 

After an accidental run in with Sariah Holloway, the human co-Ambassador at the time, the two seemed to keep running into one another. Becoming closer until two people from Orion's past surfaced, one a friend and the other an enemy. Offering Tansy sanctuary had put his entire faction at risk and it was an unwise decision but he had allowed his emotions and past experiences to guide his hand. When her husband Elijah came looking for her was when conflict and tension began. In the end Orion challenged Elijah, the fate of his faction hanging in the balance and in the end he won. 

That one event unlocked something which had been lost and forgotten about in Therian history. Selflessly placing himself in such a position which sure death and being able to survive caused him to become something of myth, an Alpha of Alphas which he now has to figure out when the help of an Alpha Council which is a bit divided.


Something Wicked This Way Comes (Therian Storyline):
Something Wicked (The Start) -Orion and Tansy
Insult to Injury-Elijah Travis
Hide and Seek-Elijah Travis
Explosive Meeting- Elijah Travis & Orion
The Beginning of the End- Elijah
Rage Is a Fire That Burns- Elijah & Sariah
The Time is Now(The End)- Elijah & Orion
Meeting of the Minds
Diplomatic Chaos
Sariah and Orion:
Not My Kind of Party
An Unexpected 2 O'Clock
Bonfire Party(Group involving some Orion/Sariah)
Unlikely Assistance
Walking the Wire
The Fox and the Scientist
Defining Moment
Temperament and Anchors
Seraphina and Orion:
I'm Scared
Arwyn, Damien & Orion:
Rekindling Desire
Orion and Gideon:
What Am I Seeing?
Ember and Orion:
Riley and Orion:
No Turning Back
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At 2:21 on May 18, 2020,
✓ Ember Rinaldi

Ning decided to behave so I figured it was time to say hello again.

Hope you're not too mad at my disappearance.

At 7:58 on July 30, 2019,
✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~

Right back at you ;)

At 23:05 on February 25, 2019,
✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~
At 20:08 on December 25, 2018,
✓ Yeonseok Lee

Probably about time we update a few things around here right? Merry Christmas old man ;)

At 15:32 on December 11, 2018,
✓ Astoria Belinski ~Admin~


At 7:51 on June 14, 2018,
✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~

Your vid the other day totally made me wanna try making again. I did it! I don't ever wanna look at Vegas again but I did it :D


At 17:49 on May 17, 2018,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford

Aw, don't get used to it <3

Oh for sure. I assure you, I have just the right torture ideas for anyone who tries to hurt the hooman. Though unnecessary, help would fetch you some brownie points

At 17:32 on May 17, 2018,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford

Good, I'm glad we're on the same page. Saves us from all the unnecessary violence

The hooman is badass enough to protect herself from anyone who would be stupid enough to lay a hand on her, though if someone does, we're in for some good ol' torture

At 17:15 on May 17, 2018,
✓ Cornelia Hael Bradford


Okay bye :)

At 11:13 on May 2, 2018,
✓ Sariah Amelie Holloway ~Admin~

How very lazy gracious of you ;) Looking forward to yet again not being caught up

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