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Holiday Disasters (Zeus and Henri)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Henri Aleshire Dec 2. 1 Reply

It was that time of year again, the one and only  time of…Continue

For Who You Are (Zeus and Ivory)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Ivory Tessa Blake Nov 23. 3 Replies

Zeus had debated on what she wanted to do for the past two…Continue

Breathe (Mikaere and Zeus)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Zeus McCartney Sep 27. 2 Replies

Vengeance: to exact punishment for a wrong in a resentful spirit. This was Zeus's life, and soul purpose for breathing, or…Continue

Once Tasted, Never Forgotten (Zeus and Ezra)

Started this discussion. Last reply by ✓ Zeus McCartney Sep 7. 2 Replies

Zeus's plans had been sabotaged the moment she'd entered the woods to attend the city's annuall…Continue


Profile Code: Originally came from Mistojen - Edited by Arti. Banner Credits: Deviantart - edited by myself.

She's proof that you can walk through hell, and still be an angel

Zeus Mccartney


Full Name: Zeus Lillian McCartney

Nicknames: Z (what most people call her) - Mcfury (for Nate only) More to come later

Age: Looks 28 - Real 108 

Species: Nephilim

Place Of Birth: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Current Residence:  Evermore, Colorado. Lives In Nephilim territory in a modern house / and often stays with Arken.

Occupation: Photographer

Relationship Status: Mikaere <3

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

For Inspiration on this Character. Click here <3



Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Hair:  Bleach blonde - typically long and wavy - she normally keeps her hair straightened and down or in a messy bun - occassionally she'll curl it if she's making an effort or going some place fancy

Height: 5'5"

Weight: 126lbs

Body Type: Slim, Slender. Hourglass figure.

Complexion: Creamy-Light tan

Special Markings: Scars along her shoulder blades that hide her white feathery wings - portrait tattoo of her mother on her rib cage done by Arken.

Nephilim Eye Color: When Zeus is identifying herself to another supernatural without wanting to say it out loud, her eyes light up a bright purple Zeus's eyes always have a purple tinge to them, as all Nephilim's do, but she normally keeps her eye color under control, and to their natural sky blues.

Status: Immortal

Face Claim: Eliza Taylor


When Nephilim Joseph McCartney was young, he didn’t have much to his name and although he didn’t care about that when it came to himself, he wished he could offer his future legacy a better life. The woman he had fallen in love with could do just that, she was a Phoenix, a winged being that could manipulate fire by the name of Peggy Jensen. Peggy reigned from Manchester, England and had travelled alone south to Oxford where she first met Joe, running a fresh produce vegetable stall in a farmers market one Sunday afternoon.Joe was a simple man, a farmer and a poet that was not searching for the thrills in life like many men his age. That was due to the fact that the thrills in life often found him instead and Peggy was no exception. Over many dates of strolls down river banks and picnics in fields, she had told him what she was and the way of her people. That they had recently been at war with the Initia in the last 5 years and were currently in hiding from those that wanted their life. Peggy also mentioned how the leader of her kind, Gretil Tilbury had mentioned in a letter to her that they were going to take refuge with another Phoenix clan in America in a place called Evermore City. She then explained how she was on her way there so she too could be protected but, now she didn’t want to leave. That she wanted to stay with Joseph. Fast forward a few years and the pair were married, living in a farmhouse with a child named Zeus, who had black scars along her back.Zeus was an inquisitive child, always shoving things in her mouth and playing in the dirt with the worms and other creepy crawlies. In school she liked the action figures over the barbies and could hold her own in any fight with the boys. She never quite understood girls and was always nervous around them for that reason. When it came to academics, Zeus was never quite top of the class but she was always high up grade wise. She cared more about education then she did exams and in general wasn’t always a great test taker. Zeus had a lucky charm for those situations, a medallion she kept around her neck at all times. Her mother of course, had the matching one even though Zeus tended to be closer to her father than her mother. Always helping out around the farm, harvesting crops and herding sheep together the two McCartney’s were rather fond of each other.The crops yield was always higher when her mother wasn’t around to tend to them as she would often manage to somehow set the grain field on fire. In college she studied Agricultural Science and History, where she had a keen interest in the art of war. Zeus was also an active participant in student life, where she joined clubs like; Vintage Car Fanatics and Motorcycles 101 where she learned skills in being a mechanic.In order to keep her place in school and to pay off college loans, she worked in areas of Security for a local big-brand mega clothing store. This was where Zeus started to look after her appearance more, although she was still clueless when it came to the whole make-up thing. She started branching out into other styles of clothes although skirts and dresses would take some time getting use to especially when it came to what way to sit and even then she still thought they were rather uncomfortable. One day, during training for the college track team, Zeus was approached by one of the cheer squad. A girl named Tiphanie who she later learned was majoring in Photography and Journalism. Tiphanie had asked her if she was free that afternoon to talk and take some athletic pictures. Thinking it was something she was going to ask multiple people on the various sports teams, Zeus agreed. When she turned up to the agreed location, Tiphanie and herself were the only two there.Tiphanie explained that she wanted to do a think piece on athletic girls modeling. As in the media a lot of models never seemed to have much muscle mass like Zeus had. Hesitantly being coaxed into it, she agreed to model for Tiphanie. Over the long days and nights of varying photoshoots, the two became close. This was the first girl Zeus had become comfortable around and was the first person she had kissed.After that, she avoided Tiphanie and never really heard from her again. Trying to busy herself with school work, clubs and boys. She went on the odd date here and there but, none of them ever really stuck. It was on one of these dates in her final year that she got a alarming phone call from her dad. Her mother Peggy had gone missing. She was meant to be back from buying groceries and doing other household chores by now, but hadn’t returned. Joseph told Zeus that the medallion around her neck had a tracking device in it that corresponded with her mother's one, in case either of them had ever gone missing. Joseph had placed the trackers inside both of them before gifting them to both women. She told the boy she was on a date with that she needed to go and left with no explanation while still talking on the phone to her dad.She wouldn’t be surprised if the guy thought she had a friend ring her as an escape goat from their date because that was how well their date was going; terribly. Once Zeus finally got the medallion open with a screwdriver from a toolbox in her mechanical clubs, she found a series of numbers. She had no idea what they meant. Her dad told her they were co-ordinates. When she searched for what they were on her phone and read the answer allowed, her father knew exactly where she was and could only guess at what had happened to her. Peggy was taken by a local Initia tribe and was more than likely, going to be killed. And she was, Peggy faced a gruesome death at the hands of the Initia before Joseph and Zeus could get to her.They held a closed casket funeral when they finally identified the body. When Zeus and Joe were pasted the paralyzing stages of grief, the two started packing up Peggy’s possessions into boxes for the attic. This is when they stumbled across a letter from the recently deceased. The letter expressed how Zeus’ mother knew she was going to die as her participation in the war was far too extensive for the Initia not to personally come looking for her. It also stated that she had set up refuge with the Nephilim Ambassador, Cornelia Bradford, in Evermore for both Zeus and her dad, if she had suddenly died as she feared that the Intia would come for her family next. Zeus and her father packed up as much of their lives into boxes as they possibly could before selling the farm and setting off for Evermore in hopes of a safe haven.Zeus trained hard for many months, building up her weaponry skills to protect both her family and her species. She offered Cornelia her fighting skills, if the faction ever needed them, in thanks for helping them when they most needed it. They had been in Evermore for almost a year when the comet hit. The McCartney’s both sprouted white wings and the scars on their shoulder blades changed from black to white. It was times like these when she didn’t know what was happening or going on that she missed her mother the most. She always knew what to do in times like these. Clutching her medallion she didn’t feel as alone or afraid anymore.Zeus trained hard for many months, building up her weaponry skills to protect both her family and her species. She offered Cornelia her fighting skills, if the faction ever needed them, in thanks for helping them when they most needed it. They had been in Evermore for almost a year when the comet hit. The McCartney’s both sprouted white wings and the scars on their shoulder blades changed from black to white. It was times like these when she didn’t know what was happening or going on that she missed her mother the most. She always knew what to do in times like these. Clutching her medallion she didn’t feel as alone or afraid anymore.


Virtues † Tomboy - Inquisitive - Frugal - Kinesthetic learner - Athletic

Image result for shelley hennig gif

Vices ✘ Hot-headed - Insincere - Tries to do everything herself - Reckless

  • Strength ~ Nephilim have super strength, they are able to lift heavy objects such as cars with ease
  • Healing ~ Nephilim can heal themselves and others with their blood, this applies to all species apart from the vampire species..
  • Pain Infliction ~ Nephilim are able to inflict physical and mental pain on people using their mind, whether that's taking away someone's ability to breathe or making it seem like someone is losing their mind.
  • Clairsentience ~ With the ability to inflict pain came the ability to absorb it. Nephilim can also use their minds to soothe someone, whether that's making them visualize happy memories or made-up events to calm them or mentally relieving them from the pain..
  • Immortality ~ A Nephilim is immortal, once they reach maturity they do not age and cannot fall ill or die of old age, however they can be killed via fatal wounds to the heart or decapitation. Flight~ At will, a Nephilim can bring out their white wings from the scars and use them to fly. They usually have a speed of 90-300 miles depending on their experience. However, long flights over 250 miles usually leave them weak for days. Fighters ~ Nephilim are trained to fight from a young age, they know how to use many weapons and most have a favourite. Lie Detectors ~ With experience, nephilim can tell if a person is lying or telling the truth.

  • Angel Scars ~ When at rest, Nephilim wings blend into the scars found on either side of their shoulder blades. These thick scars are susceptible to large amounts of pain, when they are hit and they feel like they are being stabbed.
  • ★Decapitation ~ Although immortal, decapitation proves to be fatal for Nephilim..
  • ★ Blade to the Heart ~ A Nephilim suffers a slow, agonizing death when a blade pierces their heart.
  •     Vampire Blood ~ Vampire Blood blocks a Nephilim power, it leaves them physically weak for around two days.
  • ★ Magic ~ A Nephilim is susceptible to Magic, meaning that if a curse was aimed towards them they couldn't stop it.
  •     Slowness ~ Although Nephilim are strong creatures they are still as slow as regular humans meaning that other species are able to pose more of a threat.
  • ★ Vampires ~ Nephilim are able to be turned by a vampire although the vampire will die in the proccess.


In Memory of 

Unexpected Allies

Keep Us Apart

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Not Started/Coming Soon:

Plotting With Wilhelmina

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Business Or Is It 

Not Your Average Females 


Finished Threads Here

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bͪuͤˢtͨ ͬhͣᶻiʸs crazy is beautiful to me

info here

꧁ Initia -  Someone I had hoped for, but someone who turns out to be nothing more than a friend   

Zeus met Arken the day she went to get her mothers portrait tattooed on her rib cage. One thing led to another, and Zeus became attached to him; It's just unfortunate that he didn't feel the same. Now the two only remain a memory of one another, but she'll always appreciate the time they had together. 

♕ Therian ♕ Friend ♕ Someone who helped me 

Dominic is someone Zeus met when she was looking for answers and leads, hoping to track down her mothers killer and the medallion that was stolen from her mothers neck. Dom asked questions and got to know Zeus but right away, he became someone the Nephilim trusted, and in no time, the two of them became friends; they've already made a game plan, her next mission with him is for the two of them to actually go into Initia territory; no matter how dangerous it is, she appreciates that he's willing to help her, and she only hopes their friendship will grow. 

Mancandy ❤ Dhampir ❤ The first guy to break Zeus's heart. ❤

Zeus and Nate met during a domestic dispute between Zeus and her ex, who also happened to be the real estate salesman who Zeus met up with that day to get herself a home; things went into a downward spiral and after Zeus bashed up his car, and beat the windows out of everything.. offcier mancandy was called to the scene and cuffed Zeus but he surprisingly only did so to make it look good in front of Zeus's ex. From that moment, Zeus felt something for the Dhampir, something she was sure that he felt too, but as she began to fall, she realized he wasn't trying to catch her from landing on her face. For months after the Nephilim felt mislead, she made Nate's life as hard as she could.. from slashing his tires, to burning his clothes and tearing his many bachelor pads up. Now the two have rebuilt a great friendship,and are currently on a roadtrip to Z's hometown, to see if they  can figure out who her mothers actual killer is. Zeus will always care a great deal about Nate.. frankly she'd feel a little lost without him. 

ლ Valkyr ლ mr Viking ლ Zeus's training coach ლ

Zeus has only recently met Eirik; but so far, she's very pleased with him. Zeus and her father had offered their skills to Cornelia, and helped train the rest of the Nephilim's when they first moved into the city, Zeus is one of the fiercest Neph's in the faction.. but feeling as though she's been slacking, she's ready to dive back in, and start training people again, except first she's going to make sure that Eirik pushes her until she breaks. Zeus wants to be ready, and she wants to be able to give it her all when she begins training other Nephilim's again. Zeus has also began exploring feelings she doesn't understand with Eirik, but she know's how she feels deep down, and can only hope that it doesn't ruin his agreement to help her train. 

❣ Nephilim ❣ TBC ❣ TBC ❣

Story coming soon

〄 Therian 〄 The Ex 〄 A New Friendship in progress

Justice and Zeus met during a tragic moment of her life. Zeus's country club "Joe's Honky Tonk" had been burnt to the ground, and before it'd turned into nothing more than a pile of ash, Zeus, along with all her staff and several civilains were inside. Justice being a heoric fire fighter, came to the rescue with his team, and he was the only one brave enough to run through a burning building as the roof collapsed to carry Zeus out, making sure she was wrapped in a fire proof blanket, and ended up saving her life. 

After that day, and Zeus realizing she had feelings for the Therian; he vanished, not even giving the blonde Nephilim so much as a go to hell. Full of anger, she's unsure how she'll face him again without lashing out. But, either way, as Zeus now rebuilds her life back with Arken, a man she's happily moved on with, she's also rebuilding her the midst of working with the clean up crew, Justices arrives to the scene. . the rest is untold, but the likely hood of her forgiving him,is pretty slim at this point. 

❣ Therian ❣  Frienemy ❣  (something goes here)

Details coming soon

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"Winter time had finally rolled around, and Zeus couldn't be any happier. While she had came no closer to avenging her mothers death, she had finally put some of her past to rest, deciding she deserved to live a little. She twirled in front of…"
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"Did he like Christmas? He wasn’t the biggest fan of it, no. But did he hate Christmas? He didn’t dislike it. So where does that put Henri at? The fan or the other? The therian wouldn’t consider himself a hater or a preacher, due to…"
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"Zeus noticed the way she seemed to finally breathe when security intervened. Surely she had heard this name somewhere before, and she also knew that she looked familiar as hell. She had been standing there trying to figure out who she was, when she…"
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"The one thing Zeus liked about Marcos, was the fact that he always accepted her for who she was. The no filter, tomboy, blunt Nephilim could always be herself with him, and they somehow found a way to laugh about most of the things she said, even…"
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Holiday Disasters (Zeus and Henri)

It was that time of year again, the one and only  time of year where Zeus found herself acting like a typical female, who loved Christmas decorations, and she'd began putting things out, before Thanksgiving could even roll around. As a McCartney, she got it naturally. Her mother was the same way, but it was hard work, because she'd grew up with a father…See More
Nov 19

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"Coming to Evermore had been a real turning point in Ivy’s life, being in LA had really drained on her for many years, everyone was fake there, people made themselves out to be better than anyone else, it felt competitive and superficial. So…"
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For Who You Are (Zeus and Ivory)

Zeus had debated on what she wanted to do for the past two hours, and still found herself glued to her recliner watching The Society. She'd been binge watching different series on Netflix lately, and had absolutely refused to leave her house ever since Nathaniel left the city. It stung a lot more than she'd admit to anyone, but here she was with a tub of…See More
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Let's explore Our DEMONS together Shall we

At 14:48 on November 1, 2019,
✓ Eirik Olivier Tostain

To one of my hard working students. In festive spirits. I wish you a belated Happy Halloween

At 0:03 on November 1, 2019,
✓ Mikaere Bennett

Happy Halloween Fallen Angel

At 22:11 on October 14, 2019,
✓ Mikaere Bennett

"I shall pick you up, lets leave the bikes at home, so it does not ruin your hair on the way to the event." He chuckled. 

(Hahaha cute idea!)

At 21:00 on October 9, 2019,
✓ Mikaere Bennett

I know we just met, and not under the most usual circumstances.
You do intrigue me and I was wondering if you care to join me for
the local Evermore Halloween function?

At 14:28 on October 6, 2019,
✓ Mikaere Bennett

Happy Birthday Zuzu

At 17:08 on July 31, 2019,
✓ Eirik Olivier Tostain

Mhh, Viking King *smirks and accepts that nickname happily*

You're welcome, I thought they suited you rather well :)

I'll reply asap, I promise. I know, I owe my favorite student a reply :D I just hope, you can handle the intensity of what's to come.

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At 16:45 on July 31, 2019,
✓ Eirik Olivier Tostain

Thank you, little warrior :) I love them.

Here's a little something in return for you.

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At 0:52 on July 31, 2019,
✓ Wilhelmina Constantine

Hey, just to let you know. 

At 19:07 on July 3, 2019,
✓ Marcos Ecanus Moretti

Hey Z,

I finally managed to write our starter. Click me :)

So my muse, worked a little differently than what we planned for their first initial meeting. Hopefully, it works for you aswell. Let me know what you think.

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